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another_broken_cog | 4 points | Apr 02 2018 05:39:08

[DOCUMENTARY] Four Corners - Trashed (or the corruption of the recycling industry) (7Aug2017) [ABC] 288p x264 (156MB) | Megalinks MegaDB [DOCUMENTARY] Four Corners - Trashed (or the corruption of the recycling industry) (7Aug2017) [ABC] 288p x264 (156MB)

This is the download from Four Corners' website. ABC is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

This documentary focus on the corruption of a corruptible by-product of the system. This is a demonstration of the incentives inherent to the machine we all are both victims and sponsors.

For those who still delude themselves with recycling: don't worry, don't bother recycling. We cannot "destroy the planet". Cheer up. Earth will be just fine for the next ~7.6 billion years. What will happen is: humans will destroy the environment they depend to live, they, amongst many other living beings will perish, and life will come back in some thousands or millions of years. Let's enjoy the ride. Let's buy, pillage, kill, destroy, and watch movies, tv, shows and sport while we can. :)





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