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stark_skywalker_ | 85 points | Apr 01 2018 04:47:48

The Ren & Stimpy Show (Uncut) Season 1-6 .OLDTPBUSER's Edits. [16.66GB] | Megalinks MegaDB The Ren & Stimpy Show (Uncut) Season 1-6 .OLDTPBUSER's Edits. [16.66GB]

These are the Ren and Stimpy Show Uncut OLDTPBUSER's Uncut Edits.

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[-] GodnBabyJesusHelpUs | 33 points | Apr 01 2018 07:38:36

Damn, the timing of this, lol.


[-] bammbamkam | 12 points | Apr 01 2018 04:52:49

didnt i read it somewhere that the creator was a child molester


[-] GodnBabyJesusHelpUs | 17 points | Apr 01 2018 07:40:28

Dated and psychologically abused teenage girls as a grown-ass man. Allegedly in possession of child porn.

Another case of great art, shitty artist.


[-] Dingleberry_Jones | 3 points | Apr 01 2018 16:49:35

Welp that makes this scene way more disturbing than it already was.


[-] Muh_Condishuns | 3 points | Apr 01 2018 22:27:59

Believe it or not, John K was fired after season 1, I believe right in the beginning of production on season 2. He only did that first "Fire Dogs" season. You can tell the difference. He did a pilot for R&E for Liquid Television on MTV originally, back in 1989. And Viacom was like "you don't really curse or have boobies, why not throw you on Nickelodeon in the morning?"

He didn't belong there. He clashed with almost all of the staff. Kids back then were very lucky in a way to get something so subversive and from an insane mind served to them like it was appropriate.


[-] KHymatim | 2 points | Apr 01 2018 21:49:17

How about this one? https://youtu.be/ria8fqPqZe8


[-] compuserveuser | 6 points | Apr 01 2018 04:57:28

pretty much

plenty of links about it on your favorite search engine


[-] AvidVideoGameFanatic | 7 points | Apr 01 2018 05:10:09

So question, what are the 'OLDTPBUSER edits'


[-] Zodep | 13 points | Apr 01 2018 06:39:31

oldtpbuser briefly explains it. Basically, dude took all the sources he could find and made his own uncut edits. Freaking awesome.


[-] GldRush98 | 5 points | Apr 01 2018 16:15:14

I didn't know either. Apparently the show has been hacked to hell by Spike for commercial breaks and the company that did the DVD's for weirdo censorship reasons. This guy apparently took some German DVD's which were original, and synced up the English voices to it... as well as used some other sources or other missing scenes and stuff.

I'm more surprised anyone cares about Ren and Stimpy enough to go through the effort.


[-] deleuex | 3 points | Apr 01 2018 17:22:50

Is this "the" version of R & S to have like King Turd is to Beavis and Butthead?


[-] rednight39 | 2 points | Apr 01 2018 15:00:09

Thanks--it's too bad the fps are all over the place.


[-] KrangyKrangles | 2 points | Apr 01 2018 19:30:04

Are these the new rips, or just the new S1 plus the rest of them in the original format?

The reason I ask is because he's had the "V2 of the new stuff will be up in June" for a few months, so I didn't expect them to come so early.

Edit: Grabbed a season myself to check it out. Season 2 matches with my V1 copies, so it doesn't look like these are his updated rips. That said, it's cool of you to grab them and put them all in one place, OP! I appreciate it!


[-] MrTattyBojangles | 2 points | Apr 01 2018 22:44:16

What's the true episode order for this series? Trying to sort them is a nightmare.


[-] Avid28 | 1 points | Apr 01 2018 12:25:10

x264 I assume? This is pretty big. 720p at best I figure too or they never make it to HD right? So... 480? :(


[-] Frankly_George | 1 points | Apr 01 2018 19:25:56

Given the edits involved, anyone know or can confirm that there are working English subtitles for these episodes? Especially given that these are edits I'm worried about the audio sync with the subs.