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sevengali | 68 points | Mar 30 2018 01:37:31

[Documentary] Archive of /r/MegaGames [869KB] | Megalinks MegaDB [Documentary] Archive of /r/MegaGames [869KB]

I have undertaken archiving subreddit I feel may soon be taken down, the various Mega subreddits being one of my main concerns.

This is an archive of /r/MegaGames. An explanation of this archival, links to more archives, and possibly more up to date links are available here:


Mods - I'm posting these as separate posts for people searching. Please let me know if you'd rather I group them together.

You know the drill, just the link.

Link: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyMhakNwV2xBZ0k=

Key: !MQbIDPhKUbXvou6Wo5J8AJad0R6mnZB23585HXt0p2U


[-] Alexander_Elysia | 2 points | Mar 30 2018 03:33:53

When I try mega(.)nz/Link I'm not getting anything productive, am I doing it wrong?


[-] thagalon | 3 points | Mar 30 2018 06:03:13

Did you decode it with Base64 Decode?


[-] Alexander_Elysia | 1 points | Mar 30 2018 14:21:34

I'm honestly quite new to this stuff and have no idea what that means, sorry


[-] sevengali | 1 points | Mar 30 2018 14:26:53

Go to base64decode.org and put the link in there, should give you a mega.nz link

The key isn't encoded so no need to decode it


[-] Alexander_Elysia | 1 points | Mar 30 2018 16:08:52

Thank you! (: