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R3a1ityCheque | 52 points | Mar 28 2018 10:16:07

[Audiobook] The Wheel of Time series (23 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [Audiobook] The Wheel of Time series (23 GB)

Contains all books in the series, all in MP3 format

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Link: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyNGIUQ2QlQzS2FC



[-] OllieUnderTheDesk | 5 points | Mar 28 2018 14:18:32

23 GB for an audiobook series? I can tell that this isnt going to just be a listening experience, but more like a lifestyle change. Holy moly.

Also, I guess its fitting. I recall years back someone telling me there were a ton of books in this series. They also exclaimed how worth it they are to read.


[-] R3a1ityCheque | 2 points | Mar 28 2018 14:19:44

Yep, each one is a solid 25 hours. I'm still working through them. Damn good series though.


[-] GigaJuice | 0 points | Mar 28 2018 14:44:54

I dunno man.... Fantasy books dating back to 1990 usually don't hold up IMO. I would like to read the 2 Brandon Sanderson worked on. Do i have to read them in order?


[-] wintermute93 | 4 points | Mar 28 2018 14:59:09

Sequential reading order is 100% essential here, yes. Sanderson worked on the final three, but they won't make any sense on their own.

This series holds up pretty well on two conditions... One, you keep in mind that it's vulnerable to the Seinfeld-isn't-funny trope, where much of the first few books is going to feel overly familiar, but only because you've read dozens of worse books that followed WOT. Yes, this is a classic boy-from-farming-village-is-destined-to-fight-big-bad-darkness story, but it's definitely worthwhile. I think of WOT as picking up the torch that LOTR left behind and bringing fantasy back to modern audiences, paving the way for later breakout successes like HP and GOT. Two, you can't be afraid to start skimming a bit when the plot gets bogged down because it's too big, and that does happen. Books 7-10 are notoriously slow-going, but it's hard to get around that when you've got several hundred characters spread across a continent (GRRM is struggling with this at the moment too).


[-] ThatOneDudeHere | 1 points | Mar 28 2018 20:00:16

Literally reading the paragraph summary suggests they'll make sense if you've read even just Eye of the World. Is there something I'm missing?


[-] wintermute93 | 2 points | Mar 28 2018 20:56:13

Sure, okay, it wouldn't be literally incomprehensible, but I would still strongly advise against reading only the end of a story, or only the beginning and the end.

You can do that if you really want to, but why? It would be like reading The Hobbit the get the general idea of Middle Earth and then skipping straight to Return of the King.


[-] ThatOneDudeHere | 1 points | Mar 29 2018 14:37:02

I wouldn't, but I certainly understand those who might want to. Its a very daunting series in terms of time commitment if you look at it.


[-] ThatOneDudeHere | 1 points | Mar 28 2018 14:56:22

I'm still working through the series but I find it a compelling enough series to suggest reading them in order. From skimming descriptions though it looks like his books wouldn't be a terrible on-ramp. That assumes you're willing to accept some spoilers for the early books. I'm still early enough myself that I don't know if there's much in the way of mid-series spoilers.


[-] -SeaPig- | 1 points | Mar 29 2018 14:56:20

Why bother reading them at all then? You won't have any idea what's going on. You won't be invested in any of the characters. You won't know when plot lines are resolved, entangled, or thickened, or the difference between a Trolloc and a Fade. Maybe you just read for way different reasons than I do.


[-] -SeaPig- | 1 points | Mar 29 2018 14:09:59

My favorite book series, by far. A friend turned me onto them when there were three in the series. With so many characters and story lines, as well as an ever-increasing time between releases, for about the last 5 books or so I would reread the the whole series from the beginning first. Fourteen books in the series, plus one prequel. So good.


[-] DisastrousProgrammer | 0 points | Mar 28 2018 22:35:19

I keep hearing that there's 2-3 which are extremely boring and hard to get through. That keeps me away.


[-] OllieUnderTheDesk | 1 points | Mar 28 2018 23:41:41

Well, I cant speak for those books, but if youre hankerin for some good fantasy, I can recommend the Drizzt books from R.A. Salvatore. I read all of them years ago, and I couldnt put them down.

Sadly, these days I just cant get into the mode of reading for enjoyment.


[-] DisastrousProgrammer | 2 points | Mar 29 2018 04:43:51



[-] FallenArch3809 | 3 points | Mar 28 2018 11:11:17

Great series. If you like fantasy stuff like oord of the rings you'll love this one.


[-] WACKY_ALL_CAPS_NAME | 2 points | Mar 28 2018 16:30:29

I’ve been wanting to relisten to these but I don’t have them on my current audible account. Thanks for putting these up!


[-] dengar69 | 2 points | Mar 28 2018 18:11:48

Michael Kramer and Kate Reading are hands down the best audiobook narrators you will ever listen to. I never get tired of listening to them.


[-] -SeaPig- | 1 points | Mar 29 2018 15:13:49



[-] horrayimuseful | 1 points | Mar 31 2018 00:38:50

finally!!!! thanks so much.