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ingenious777 | 11 points | Mar 20 2018 06:14:34

[E-Book]The Saga of Seven Suns - Kevin J Anderson (epub) | Megalinks MegaDB [E-Book]The Saga of Seven Suns - Kevin J Anderson (epub)

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[-] cuddlydragonz | 2 points | Mar 20 2018 11:20:27



[-] matiasbaldanza | 2 points | Mar 20 2018 16:55:40

Spinoff man! (He has written a lot of best sellers, although most of them were spinoffs and novelizations of established fiction from film and television.) My first contact with his work was the Dune prequels, written with Brian Herbert, and I didn't enjoy them at all. However, I have a few friends who praise this saga, so I'll give it a try. Plus, he also wrote the Jedi Academy trilogy and the Young Jedi Knights series, that won't win any awards but were enjoyable. Thanks for the upload!


[-] Ironicalogical | 1 points | Mar 20 2018 15:37:20

Horrible author.