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saintjudes | 160 points | Mar 17 2018 07:09:42

[EBOOK] All my books [currently +300mb] | Megalinks MegaDB [EBOOK] All my books [currently +300mb]

i recently decided to back up all my ebooks and i thought i'd share!

mostly fiction (a couple historical books thrown in for fun). a LOT of young adult fantasy/sci fi. i also have a folder of select star wars books if you're into that (mostly new canon but some legends stuff too). this will probably be updated as i get more books because i have issues and can't stop downloading them.

use base 64 to decode.

link: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyNGITZaSVVUU0NU | Megalinks MegaDB aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyNGITZaSVVUU0NU

decryption key: IVF1MVRCODNHZjZBYThtcGI4cnltSVE= | Megalinks MegaDB IVF1MVRCODNHZjZBYThtcGI4cnltSVE=

<em>NEW</em> | Megalinks MegaDB NEW snahp.it link: http://links.snahp.it/9books

password: name of the sub

EDIT: by request, HERE is a pastebin link detailing all the books available!

EDIT 2: since several people haven't been able to get the keys to work, added a snahp it link!


[-] gazongagizmo | 36 points | Mar 17 2018 08:01:54

Never heard of Maggie Stiefvater before, and it doesn't sound like what would interest me as a reader - but, her name is quite interesting. Her surname literally means stepfather in German, and according to wiki:

At 16, she legally changed her first name from Heidi to Margaret. Her maiden name was Hummel.

So her name used to be Heidi Hummel? Hummel is bumblebee in German, and alliteration + animal name is one of the most basic formulas of child or fantasy fiction (or at least, names for a toy character). So, she first took up a different first name (dropping the name of a famous child in literature), and then adopted a surname that literally means adopting a different family. And now she writes fantasy fiction for children and young adults.


[-] bombaybicycleclub | 9 points | Mar 17 2018 13:17:17

That's a great analysis, would read again.


[-] trasheusclay | 5 points | Mar 17 2018 15:02:46

I think we need a book about the author.


[-] Muh_Condishuns | 11 points | Mar 17 2018 13:54:53

"It seems to meee... That goosestepping morons such as yourself should try reading books instead of burning them..."

It's what Sean Connery says before slapping the Nazi with his glove in Last Crusade and it must go thorough my mind daily browsing this site.

Thank you for books. Seriously.


[-] ben70 | 3 points | Mar 17 2018 17:55:56




[-] TheDalaiLamaa | 3 points | Mar 17 2018 13:08:18

Hey! Thanks for providing this but I can't seem to get the decryption key to work. Is it not valid anymore or is there some other problem?


[-] xzerooriginx | 2 points | Mar 17 2018 14:17:23

copy the bolded code paste it in the base64 decoder copy the decoded link and key and paste appropriately


[-] learnie | 3 points | Mar 17 2018 15:08:25

First of all, thanks for putting it here for everyone. I have a request.

Can you make a list of all your books and paste it in Pastebin? It would help a lot.


[-] ungulateCase | 3 points | Mar 17 2018 17:57:37

I'm not gonna make a full list, but I can tell you there is good stuff in there. Some of the things I downloaded include Hamilton, Annihilation, 1984, The Man in the High Castle, I Am Malala, It, etc.

Some stuff I didn't download because I already have it include the aSoIaF (George RR Martin) series, some Pratchett books, Do Androids Dream of ELectric Sheep, etc.

Then there were many more books that I just wasn't interested in, like the Twilight books, the Young Olympians books, and many others, mostly YA scifi/fantasy.


[-] learnie | 1 points | Mar 17 2018 18:21:53

Thank you.


[-] ungulateCase | 2 points | Mar 17 2018 17:33:26

Thank you! I'm particularly happy about Annihilation and Hamilton.


[-] zenru | 1 points | Mar 18 2018 00:29:15

I cant get to the link, am I the only one? Meaning, I decoded it but it gives me a "Site cant be reached" error. I know my internet is fine tho. I read your pastebin and I saw some books I really want, can you help me?


[-] bigbadbibbins | 1 points | Mar 18 2018 01:19:44

thank you very much


[-] airportwindow | 1 points | Mar 18 2018 01:48:59

AW the key is invalid