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acelister | 32 points | Mar 15 2018 15:29:06

[Comics] Marvel's Age Of Ultron Event (Complete Event) | Megalinks MegaDB [Comics] Marvel's Age Of Ultron Event (Complete Event)

Ultron has returned from space more powerful than ever - and decimated the Earth's heroes.

This is the reading order for Age of Ultron, a 2013 event from Marvel which came out well before the MCU movie and is completely unrelated to it.

Each archive is under 200MB, and in RAR format. | Megalinks MegaDB Each archive is under 200MB, and in RAR format. Around 900MB before unzipping.

Link: https://mega.nz/#F!TAUy0BDI

Code: !72n5YCKqsketL_j3DQI8ow

Part One | Megalinks MegaDB Part One
Contains: Avengers Assemble 14AU-15AU, Age Of Ultron 1-2

Part Two | Megalinks MegaDB Part Two
Contains: Fantastic Four 5AU, Superior Spider-Man 6AU, Age Of Ultron 3-4, Ultron 1AU

Part Three | Megalinks MegaDB Part Three
Contains: Age Of Ultron 5-7, Wolverine And The X-Men 27AU

Part Four | Megalinks MegaDB Part Four
Contains: Age Of Ultron 8, Uncanny Avengers 08AU, Fearless Defenders 04AU

Part Five | Megalinks MegaDB Part Five
Contains: Age Of Ultron 9-10 & 10AI


[-] Jon_J_ | 2 points | Mar 15 2018 15:30:10

cheers for the good work!


[-] rosisergio | 1 points | Mar 15 2018 21:18:39

Thanks! I recently got back into reading comics again, so these are mucho appreciated!


[-] acelister | 2 points | Mar 16 2018 08:09:30

There's more to come.