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acelister | 11 points | Mar 14 2018 21:56:09

[Comics] Fleetway's Sonic The Comic (Complete) | Megalinks MegaDB [Comics] Fleetway's Sonic The Comic (Complete)

This is every issue of the UK's Sonic The Comic published by Fleetway, as well as the specials, poster mags and annuals ("Yearbooks").

Each issue up to #139 had multiple stories in them, but from #140 they changed one of those to reprints. By #157 there was only one new strip each issue, until #185 where it changed to all reprints. So although there were 223 issues, #185-#223 are only new material - which basically just means the covers.

That's why the higher archives have more issues in them: there was less content to fill them.

The archives are around 250MB each, and in the 7zip format, so make sure you have something to unzip them with.

Link: https://mega.nz/#F!oxQmnLSI

Code: !Li5s3xoN94b6Mdk_bVYYlQ