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[E-BOOK/PACK] The Complete Joona Linna Thrillers (Book #1-#6) | Megalinks MegaDB [E-BOOK/PACK] The Complete Joona Linna Thrillers (Book #1-#6)

The Hypnotist | Megalinks MegaDB The Hypnotist

Detective Inspector Joona Linna is faced with a boy who witnessed the gruesome murder of his family. He's suffered more than one hundred knife wounds and is comatose with shock. With a killer on the run and Linna running out of time, a hypnotist who vowed never to practice again is brought in to the investigation unfurling a terrifying chain of events.

The Nightmare | Megalinks MegaDB The Nightmare

The lifeless body of a young woman is discovered on an abandoned boat. A man is found hanging alone in his apartment. The question for Detective Inspector Joona Linna: suicide or murder? Only four people know the answer. And one man wants them dead.

The Fire Witness | Megalinks MegaDB The Fire Witness

One girl is dead. One girl is missing. One girl claims to have witnessed it all. When a young girl is found brutally murdered in a home for troubled teenagers, Joona Linna is called in to investigate. As he refuses to accept the easy answers, his search leads him into darker, more violent territory, and, finally, to a shocking confrontation with his past.

The Sandman | Megalinks MegaDB The Sandman

During a cold winter night in Stockholm a man is found walking alongside a railway bridge, suffering from hypothermia and legionella. After he's rushed to the hospital, it's discovered that, according to a death certificate, the man has been dead for over seven years. He is believed to be a victim of notorious serial killer Jurek Walter, who was arrested years ago by Detective Inspector Joona Linna and sentenced to a life of total isolation in forensic psychiatric care. As Joona Linna investigates where the "dead man" has been all these years, some unexpected evidence leads to the reopening of a cold case. Danger is imminent, and someone needs to get under the skin of the serial killer--fast--as they are running out of time.

Stalker | Megalinks MegaDB Stalker

A video clip is sent to the National Criminal Investigation Department. Someone has secretly filmed a woman through her window from the garden. The next day she is found dead after a frenzied knife attack. The police receive a second film of another unknown woman. There is no way of identifying her before time runs out. When her husband finds her, he is so traumatised that he cleans the whole house and puts her to bed. He may have seen a vital clue but is in such an extreme state of shock that the police are unable to question him. Psychiatrist Erik Maria Bark is called in to hypnotise him - but what the man tells him under hypnosis leads Erik to start lying to the police. If the lights are on, a stalker can see you from outside. But if the lights are off, you can't see a stalker who is already inside the house.

The Rabbit Hunter | Megalinks MegaDB The Rabbit Hunter

Book 6 is in russian. cant find an english version. the other 5 are retail english editions.