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megtheabyss | 38 points | Mar 10 2018 14:29:26

[BOOKS] GRE Prep Material Collection [550 MB] | Megalinks MegaDB [BOOKS] GRE Prep Material Collection [550 MB]

Here is my repository of GRE prep books for both quantitative and verbal aptitude, including resources from Princeton Review, Manhattan Prep, Nova, Kaplan, Barron and some others.

Hope it's useful to some of you!




[-] LlewelynMoss1 | 2 points | Mar 10 2018 20:06:21

For anyone reading this I highly recommend the Manhattan prep for the Quant practice questions. I already took it but they were close to the questions on the test. I hadn't taken math in a long time and these got me back to getting the score I needed on the Quant section.


[-] OThreeEyedRaven | 1 points | Mar 10 2018 16:03:43



[-] HeyItsAndii | 1 points | Mar 11 2018 01:14:32

Thank you so much for this, I'll be passing it on to other students