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another_broken_cog | 18 points | Mar 04 2018 23:06:04

[DOCUMENTARY] Collapse 2009 1080p BluRay x264 (1.22GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [DOCUMENTARY] Collapse 2009 1080p BluRay x264 (1.22GB)

This is an interview with Michael C. Ruppert. He wrote about corruption in politics and economy, as well as conspiracies, government sponsored covert illegal operations, etc.


In this interview he talks about the Oil industry, its influence, its incoming collapse, how it will affect society, how several events and phenomenons are intertwined and linked to Oil and monetary system, etc.


This is a extremely interesting and gripping interview, that is unfortunately too short (~1:30). His discourse provides great explanations and solid arguments for demonstrating why society is how it is, what are the major influences, and what will come next. This interview will please both those interested in conspiracy theories, and those who frown upon the fear mongers and enjoy pointing out the flaws (ha, good luck finding flaws in this one!). Regardless, there is no happy ending, no silver-lining, no "community" to join, not much action possible for the audience. This is more a red pill, a way of giving words to the discomfort you feel, or the delineation of that which bothers but you could never really point out.


If you live in any society that employs any type of monetary system, it is highly recommended watching this documentary.


This was the best quality I could get my hands on. If anyone can give me a copy of a better file, I would gladly replace this one here.



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[-] FLOCKA | 2 points | Mar 06 2018 01:25:42

thanks for sharing this, it will be replacing my xvid copy! Certainly not a feel-good movie, but really thought provoking. And RIP to Mr. Ruppert


[-] kode3 | 1 points | Mar 06 2018 04:38:10

I'm with you, this is much better than my YT copy.