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ic_97 | 38 points | Feb 23 2018 19:04:57

[ANIME][Cleo]Little Witch Academia[Dual Audio][720P][x265][3.93GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME][Cleo]Little Witch Academia[Dual Audio][720P][x265][3.93GB]

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[-] [deleted] | 3 points | Feb 23 2018 23:25:56

This show is AMAZING, like an all-girl anime version of Harry Potter. Thank you.


[-] Maytown | 1 points | Feb 24 2018 14:00:59

The OVAs are much better. I found the show to be quite the let down.


[-] omega5959 | 1 points | Mar 31 2018 01:17:50

Thank you kindly for the anime :)


[-] omega5959 | 1 points | Mar 31 2018 01:23:34

Question. I use a Pi3B and it doesn't play x265 (it doesn't have hardware support for it.) I use Kodi to play my shows off a usb HDD, but even streaming and browsing menus I find it locks, goes slow, and crashes a whole lot. So what's my next best player to purchase ESP for x265. I also connect it to my PC HDMI and use a audio wire to my speakers. So it has to support audio jack :)