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[DOCUMENTARY] Hellstorm: Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany 720p WEB-DL x264 AAC 2Ch (1.20GB) /*[WEB-DL]*/ /*[720p]*/ /*[x264]*/ | Megalinks MegaDB [DOCUMENTARY] Hellstorm: Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany 720p WEB-DL x264 AAC 2Ch (1.20GB) /*[WEB-DL]*/ /*[720p]*/ /*[x264]*/

If like me, you too are not one of the witnesses, victims, or perpetrators, then you too relied on someone else's account. For years we have been brainwashed with the victors' theme of Germany being the evil nation of soulless monsters. Now we may have the opportunity to see that they were only those who lost the war. And became the bad guys. Because the winners, they were the good guys. Of course.


From the opening of the documentary:

The German Army suffered terribly during the First World War. And the German nation also suffered terribly, especially after the war. The crippling sanctions enacted by the victors with the Treaty of Versailles threw the country into serious depression. There was chaos in the streets and anarchy in the air. Communists seized many cities, including Berlin. While the great wealth of the nation was bled away by outrageous war reparations, or sucked out by unscrupulous politicians, the average German was impoverished. Inflation and unemployment soon followed and quickly destroyed all hope, all confidence, all morality. German cities were awash in pornography and prostitution with even starving children being bought and sold like sex toys. Crime was rampant; drunkenness and drug addiction were widespread; suicide rates soared; the situation seemed hopeless. And then, things changed... dramatically. Soon after the National Socialists were elected, the German economy sprang to life. Unemployment was erased. Building boomed. Great projects began. Confidence burst to life anew. After years of hunger, hardship, shame, and degradation, Germany became a happy, hopeful nation again. Germany's transformation from squalor and misery to a world super power was so incredible that the 1938 Time Magazine named Adolf Hitler "Man of the Year." To many it seemed as if a new cultural, economic, and political renaissance for all of Europe was at hand. But others, throughout the world - envious, powerful, but above all, fearful - now worked night and day to take Germany down.... The Second World War was the most deadly and destructive war in history. For six long years the unequal struggle pitting Germany against the world continued, with first one side, then the other on top. But at last, overwhelmed, Germany was once more defeated. This time, however, the Reich was to be punished not with mere reparations... nor loss of land... nor with simple decadence and despair; no, on this occasion Germany was to be subjected to pure hatred; hatred of the most vicious, evil and depraved kind imaginable. Millions upon millions of Germans, many of whom had nothing to do with the war, were systematically raped, tortured, slaughtered, and all in the most sadistic and sickening ways imaginable. What happened to Germany and its people during and after World War II has remained the darkest and best-kept secret in world history... until now. This film is based upon the book by author and historian, Thomas Goodrich. Over the past thirty years Goodrich has written about a number of controversial subjects - the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, the American Indian wars - but because World War Two remains to this very day a pressing issue, the author feels this is by far his most urgent and timely book.


Writer Thomas Goodrich introduction:

This is the story of the crimes that were committed against Germany during and after World War Two. The words you will hear are those of the victims themselves and witnesses to the atrocities. There will be no attempt here to present the viewpoint of the "other side." Anyone seeking the victor's version of World War II, need only watch any Hollywood movie, turn on the TV to any World War II documentary, or visit any public library. This film, like the book it is based upon, does not concern itself with what the Germans allegedly "did to the world" during the so - called "Good War." No. The focus here is instead on what the world did to the Germans. The crimes detailed herein are so vicious, so massive, and so evil, that there are no words in the English language to accurately describe them. These are crimes that have been buried by the victors under a mountain of propaganda and lies for now over 70 years. This film is dedicated not only to the voiceless victims of the world's worst war, but also to future generations. Our hope is, that if there are enough good people in the world, are willing to listen and learn what actually occurred to these innocent victims - men, women, the old, young, the sick, animals - then they some day soon will rise up as one, and with a united voice demand that nothing like this ever happens again, to anyone, anywhere.


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