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TonySharkks | 43 points | Feb 22 2018 21:23:40

[Comics] Invincible - Robert Kirkman (3.43 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [Comics] Invincible - Robert Kirkman (3.43 GB)

Cover hype

The twists never actually stop in this superhero story that defies all known comic book logic. For 144 issues, Invincible journeys through a DC/Marvel-ian universe that weaponizes your sense of familiarity in the name of a compelling story.

Characters die, and they don't come back (or, when they do, there's a logical reason for it). Good and evil exists in the moment, never hinging on static 'hero' and 'villain' labels. But Invincible goes further than simply obliterating familiar tropes.

The story also doesn't shy away from letting real life intrude on our escapist fantasy. Infidelity, domestic abuse, even rape all drive events at various points. There's plenty of humor and life-affirming positivity to balance the bad, but all of it — good and bad both — shapes the deep cast of characters. They grow and evolve. Their worldview changes as life plays out around them.

To share any more than the basic setup is to spoil what makes Invincible special. Mark Grayson is an average high school teen who works a shitty fast food job and hides an important family secret: His father Nolan is actually Omni-Man, a Superman-esque alien hero to all.

Mark's world changes forever on the day that he develops powers of his own... -Mashable

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[-] CivBEWasPrettyBad | 5 points | Feb 23 2018 05:32:15

Reminder that if you're in the US, you can read the entire series electronically through your local library. Saves you bandwidth and (hopefully) tells the library and publisher that the series is valued.


[-] TonySharkks | 2 points | Feb 23 2018 07:06:21

Interesting! More of a PSA rather than reminder on my end, though lol


[-] CivBEWasPrettyBad | 5 points | Feb 23 2018 07:44:44

Yeah, I guess most people don’t know. I know my mind was blown when I found out. I use Hoopla which gives you 5 checkouts a month. Generally that’s 5 volumes of whatever I’m tryin g to read which isn’t a LOT when you’re on vacation, but enough when you’re just reading in he middle of a normal week. A bunch of image stuff is up (I can read all of Chew, wicked +divine , the woods and even injustice). Sometimes these free resources are a bit harder to navigate, but whatever.

I’ll stop before I look like an obvious shill for Big Library.


[-] Zodep | 3 points | Feb 22 2018 21:34:40

Sounds like an awesome series! Thanks!


[-] TonySharkks | 3 points | Feb 23 2018 07:07:18

I highly recommend!


[-] Blue-Thunder | 2 points | Feb 23 2018 05:24:09

Fantastic series. Finally get to finish it.


[-] ledhendrix | 1 points | Feb 23 2018 05:28:55

Is this series finished now? when did it end?


[-] TonySharkks | 2 points | Feb 23 2018 07:05:30

Ended last week or the week before. This is the full series. Tie-ins and and handbook will be posted later.


[-] matiasbaldanza | 1 points | Feb 23 2018 16:39:13