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TonySharkks | 22 points | Feb 18 2018 21:25:28

[Comics] Aquaman - Rebirth (ongoing) (1.27 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [Comics] Aquaman - Rebirth (ongoing) (1.27 GB)

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K: IVBEU1dfX3hDbCMkVEFMS1N0b0ZJU0gkI3d5V0cyNk42b2pYYVE=

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This is a part of a collaborative effort with /u/uwotm8_888 to upload the whole of DC universe rebirth

Up to date as of 2/18/18


[-] Avoider7 | 2 points | Mar 10 2018 09:49:33

Thank you! I'm new to comics and I don't really know where to start. Is this "Rebirth" good for beginners? I'm interested in Aquaman because of upcoming movie.


[-] TonySharkks | 2 points | Mar 10 2018 18:49:04

Yes, Rebirth is a jumping on point for readers new and old. You don't have to read previous storylines to follow what's going on. I haven't read every Rebirth title, but the one's I have read have been relatively solid, good reads. You can check my profile and /u/uwotm8_888's for other characters that you may find enticing.


[-] Avoider7 | 1 points | Mar 10 2018 20:34:04

I already downloaded all your Rebirths! Appreciate it alot! Just a question. Does Shazam also have rebirth versions or something similar or not, because I can't find Shazam at all on this subreddit.


[-] TonySharkks | 2 points | Mar 10 2018 21:44:18

You're welcome! He doesn't have a Rebirth title. I don't think he's made an appearance at all during Rebirth yet. In the past they've put him on one of the Justice League books, but currently he is MIA as far as I know. My guess is DC is probably waiting for closer to the movie before they release anything with him in it.


[-] mistermeganfox | 1 points | Feb 20 2018 23:32:28

Thank you guys for doing this! I've been getting everytyhing you've been putting up. I gotta say this is my favourite thing you've but in the key yet haha