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grell851 | 6 points | Feb 14 2018 10:17:51

[Documentary] Bataan Rescue 2005 DVDrip x264 406 MB | Megalinks MegaDB [Documentary] Bataan Rescue 2005 DVDrip x264 406 MB

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In December 1944, more than five hundred American prisoners of war in a Japanese prison camp in the Philippines faced what they thought was certain death. After three years of brutal captivity, they believed their country had forgotten them. When they learned of the shocking slaughter of POWs by Japanese soldiers on nearby Palawan Island, they knew it would take a miracle to save them. Fearing the Japanese would murder their captives before the U.S. Army could liberate the camp, the Americans sent an elite Ranger battalion to rescue the prisoners. The Rangers sneaked 30 miles behind enemy lines and with the help of the courageous Filipino resistance fighters, they mounted an astonishing rescue that was fraught with danger yet ultimately triumphant.