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TonySharkks | 29 points | Feb 12 2018 21:22:01

[Book] Understanding Comics | Megalinks MegaDB [Book] Understanding Comics

Praised throughout the cartoon industry by such luminaries as Art Spiegelman, Matt Groening, and Will Eisner, Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics is a seminal examination of comics art: its rich history, surprising technical components, and major cultural significance. Explore the secret world between the panels, through the lines, and within the hidden symbols of a powerful but misunderstood art form.

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[-] BelchingBob | 1 points | Feb 13 2018 08:08:34

Thank you soooooooo much for this book! :)

By any chance, do you have any of his other books?


[-] TonySharkks | 1 points | Feb 13 2018 18:23:19

I'm afraid I don't 😔


[-] BelchingBob | 2 points | Feb 14 2018 16:31:03

No problem. Even though we are still early in, this will be one of the best things I got in 2018.

Thank you for your share and thank you for responding mate! :)