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DerGunter | 10 points | Feb 08 2018 15:07:46

[AUDIOBOOK][GER] Alex Rider Collection (E1-10)(2.15 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [AUDIOBOOK][GER] Alex Rider Collection (E1-10)(2.15 GB)

Alex Rider is a series of spy novels by British author Anthony Horowitz about a 14–15-year-old spy named Alex Rider. The series is aimed primarily at young adults. The series comprises eleven novels, as well as five graphic novels, three short stories and a supplementary book. The first novel, Stormbreaker, was released in the United Kingdom in 2000 and was adapted into a motion picture in 2006 starring Alex Pettyfer. A video game was released in 2006, based on the film which received negative reviews. The novels are published by Walker Books in the United Kingdom. They were first published by Puffin in the United States, but have been published more recently by Philomel Books, also an imprint of Penguin Books. The audio books are read by Simon Prebble. The eleventh novel, Never Say Die, was released in June 2017. Horowitz has had great success with the series.


Collection includes:

  1. Stormbreaker
  2. Point Blanc
  3. Skeleton Key
  4. Eagle Strike
  5. Scorpia
  6. Ark Angel
  7. Snakehead
  8. Crocodile Tears
  9. Scorpia Rising
  10. Russian Roulette


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pass is the name of this sub after /r/


[-] bornamann | 2 points | Feb 08 2018 23:43:46

nostalgic for me. can't believe this series got all the way to 10.


[-] DerGunter | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 14:11:24

Got up to 11 last year ;D


[-] PrejudicedIrving | 2 points | Feb 11 2018 14:57:33

shit, I hadn't heard anything about it since Ark Angel - loved these as a kid, Stormbreaker and Point Blanc were some of my favorite books in middle school

wait this is in german, yeah?


[-] DerGunter | 1 points | Feb 11 2018 18:33:38

Yeah I really enjoyed them too

It's in german yes


[-] PrejudicedIrving | 1 points | Feb 11 2018 19:12:16

alas, I am but an English/rough Spanish speaker


[-] Mrbrooding | 1 points | Mar 13 2018 02:30:15

If only this was in English.