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vcdupper | 30 points | Feb 04 2018 17:28:11

[DISCUSSION] Weekly General Discussion Thread [04/02] | Megalinks MegaDB [DISCUSSION] Weekly General Discussion Thread [04/02]

This thread is for general discussion only. Do NOT post your requests here.


[-] DynamiteG | 10 points | Feb 05 2018 23:45:48

Is anyone planning on uploading some of the olympics events. also if you are please don’t use nbc’s stream.


[-] Cqouta | 0 points | Feb 09 2018 07:25:44

What if I do?


[-] shampeh | 3 points | Feb 09 2018 16:32:35

You'll be banned from Quiznos for life.


[-] kormer | 8 points | Feb 05 2018 04:49:07

Is anyone else noticing an unusually large number of random file errors this week? I'm not talking about take-downs, I'm talking about a single file out of a few hundred in a folder being unavailable. JD2 gives a "resource unavailable" error, downloading via the mega app just retries over and over again, and downloading via the web also gives an unavailable error.

I've tried downloading via different hosts/IPs and can reproduce the error, so I don't think it's anything on my end.


[-] deleuex | 4 points | Feb 08 2018 06:37:00

i thought this was just me but ive seen the same thing some files i just can seem to download either either it simply fails or can decrypt it


[-] deadashellhp | 3 points | Feb 04 2018 17:48:48

iPad + MEGA app watching movies?

I’ve been able to crack opening e-books and comic books on my iPad from the MEGA app, but I don’t know how to watch movies. It would be killer if somebody could school me.

Thank you.


[-] Lightzmare | 4 points | Feb 04 2018 18:56:51

Most movies being in a MKV container nowadays, the MEGA mobile apps cannot stream decrypt and stream those on-the-fly, I'm afraid...

You'd have to first download it and then you can play it with something like VLC or whatever...


[-] deadashellhp | 1 points | Feb 04 2018 21:09:15

I’ll see if I can find an iPad media player. Maybe then I’ll get an “Open with” option from MEGA. Thank you.


[-] ElegantBiscuit | 2 points | Feb 05 2018 20:06:27

If you upload them to google drive you can view them online, but I think you'd have the best luck uploading it to your ipad as a home video through iTunes. I dont know if MKV or RAR files play through that but you could try converting it through VLC or another program.


[-] Lightzmare | 1 points | Feb 04 2018 21:11:02

I've tried from my Android at first and then from my iPad, it only prompts you to download.


[-] adr1anh | 1 points | Feb 08 2018 09:58:46

As others have said MKV streaming doesn’t work as far as I know, but when viewing stuff offline, the Infuse app is really great! You get automatic thumbnail download and even subtitles I think. You can use the free version without problem and there is a paid version supporting more features.


[-] ThatCRAPPYPLAYER | -1 points | Feb 09 2018 00:00:33

You can download plex onto your pc or laptop and stream your download files to your ipad or if you dont have a pc or laptop then download moviebox great streaming app you can also download the movie or tv show hope it helps 😊


[-] RabbitsLair | 3 points | Feb 05 2018 13:54:59

Hi. I have been uploading contents on MEGA for a month now and it has already taken 4 accounts from me. I neither want to delete any file to clear up space nor I wish to create 70 or 80 more free accounts. And I plan to upload a lot, lot more in the future. Is there any alternative to purchasing a premium plan?



[-] igotsomegreypoupon | 3 points | Feb 06 2018 10:20:21

I wouldn't recommend a premium account anyway (unless you only download), it's still only a handful of strikes before it's terminated.

The best way is still creating new accounts as boring as it is - there are a few scripts that have been posted here which are supposed to automate it for you, but you have to install things like python.


[-] [deleted] | 3 points | Feb 07 2018 11:04:10

What are you guys using to play movies/series on your pc?

I heard the mpc-hc project has discontinued, looking for a nice alternative.


[-] Sunny_Cakes | 7 points | Feb 07 2018 16:07:37

Mpc hc. Still works great, so why not?


[-] simplefilmreviews | 3 points | Feb 08 2018 16:58:06



[-] uwotm8_888 | 3 points | Feb 09 2018 05:56:50



[-] Mason1171 | 1 points | Feb 07 2018 18:29:53

Kodi and VLC


[-] exhippy | 1 points | Feb 07 2018 19:25:03



[-] EGDoto | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 14:38:26

Mpv, very light and great performance, ui or lack of one is only con I see.


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Feb 09 2018 17:50:25

This is the one that I choose, surprised that only you replied about mpv.


[-] [deleted] | 3 points | Feb 09 2018 07:28:30



[-] ghx23 | 6 points | Feb 09 2018 08:00:52

Cryptography could be used for file's names but that would also mean having trouble finding content for the regular 'legitimate' user here


[-] Cqouta | -6 points | Feb 09 2018 07:34:19

Nope. Nothing can be done. Lel


[-] burialisfourtet | 2 points | Feb 04 2018 20:33:37

Has anyone used worldmkv before? They have a huge selection but not so sure about the files.


[-] PopcornInMyTeeth | 1 points | Feb 05 2018 01:45:35

I found the site about two weeks ago. Been using it since then with no problems. (No extra files beyond the MKV's downloaded). But that's just me. I'm curious too to it's quality.


[-] burialisfourtet | 2 points | Feb 05 2018 01:54:36

Yeah I actually found it about a week ago. Odd find to be honest not a very conventional site and upload a lot of stuff. The quality is alright but I haven't downloaded anything new, just dvd rips from old movies.


[-] byukid_ | 2 points | Feb 07 2018 02:52:25

So who can recommend a good storage solution? I'm finally pushing the 4 TB mark and I'd like to set something up that works with plex, since that's what I have now, and something external to my PC.


[-] deleuex | 2 points | Feb 09 2018 05:01:37

If you in the US keep your eye on the 8tb easystore's at Bestbuy they seem to go on sale once a month for around $149-169


[-] TheyTheirsThem | 2 points | Feb 07 2018 05:56:43

I got a 4TB passport at Best Buy over xmas for $99 to use as the TV drive. The old 2TB and its backup are now the backups for the 4. Now, how long until I have to get the 8 and repeat the process. ;-)


[-] OkayDragon | 1 points | Feb 07 2018 08:38:51

Is there an 8TB out now?


[-] Eucbevt | 3 points | Feb 07 2018 08:55:56



[-] TheyTheirsThem | 1 points | Feb 07 2018 15:35:23

They make 8TB and I believe 10TB home models, but I use the passports because I can carry them with me easily. I have been doubling drives like this every two years or so since an 80GB superceded the 40 and its backup 40.


[-] OkayDragon | 1 points | Feb 07 2018 17:36:26

Oh I thought you meant 8TB passports lol


[-] OkayDragon | 2 points | Feb 07 2018 08:38:22

Does x265 also retain the same audio quality as x264, assuming they're both from the same source?


[-] Eucbevt | 2 points | Feb 07 2018 08:56:04

It can, as long as the audio isn't re-encoded.


[-] Sunny_Cakes | 2 points | Feb 07 2018 16:11:40

H265 is a video codec only, it doesn't include audio. Encoding presets are separate for video and audio, so if the release group released in a certain audio quality for their h264 release, chances are they'll use the same audio encoding presets for their h265 release.


[-] OkayDragon | 1 points | Feb 07 2018 17:34:24

Ahh I see, so the file size of the audio doesn't change right? Just making sure.


[-] Sunny_Cakes | 0 points | Feb 07 2018 20:44:35

Yes. Even with re-encodes, it is possible to copy the audio stream bit for bit to a new container while the video stream gets transcoded.


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Feb 09 2018 19:18:37



[-] exhippy | 1 points | Feb 10 2018 00:14:59

Try using megadownloader/megasync.They can often bypass the bandwidth limit.It seems to vary.I can download 50g at a time with megadownloader,other people can't.I don't know why.


[-] Not_Oryx | 2 points | Feb 09 2018 22:42:03

Does downloading these files into the Mega app throw up any flags to Internet Providers for pirating??


[-] exhippy | 5 points | Feb 10 2018 00:10:59

Downloading doesn't look any different to streaming to an isp.When you stream you are downloading the movie anyway,it is just to a temporary file instead of a permanent one.Isps are looking for torrent traffic if they are looking for anything at all.So far so good....


[-] Not_Oryx | 1 points | Feb 10 2018 00:44:07

Ok so obviously this isn't streaming but is it technically downloading because you download from the app. Or does the isp recognize is as you just pulling files from your cloud storage?

I'm new to this lol but I used to use torrent sites back in the day.


[-] lbt | 1 points | Feb 05 2018 01:14:11

JDownloader2 no longer installs for me after Windows Defender flagged it as having a virus. I uninstalled now reinstalls just vanish. Thoughts?


[-] kormer | 2 points | Feb 05 2018 14:36:41

Install it in an ubuntu VM. This is an all-around general good tip for relatively untrusted software, especially something java.


[-] Eucbevt | 2 points | Feb 06 2018 09:57:14

I haven't ever installed JDownloader, I just use the .jar file. But I use MegaDownloader almost all the time because it still works perfectly for me.


[-] whatnowmed | 1 points | Feb 05 2018 04:20:58

Good ways/settings to convert from x264 to x265 while maintaining a good amount of quality? I have some linux isos ;) that are 3.6 GB/each, at 13 bit(!). All other comments I have seen advise against converting from x264 and instead suggest using the source, but I do not have access to that.

Would appreciate input!


[-] Sunny_Cakes | 1 points | Feb 05 2018 07:42:55

This is best asked at /r/handbrake or /r/ffmpeg

Best to search for similar questions that may have already been asked. Use google for that though, reddit's search sucks

handbrake settings convert h264 to 265 site:reddit.com inurl:/r/handbrake

ffmpeg command convert h264 to 265 site:reddit.com inurl:/r/ffmpeg


[-] sneakpeekbot | 1 points | Feb 05 2018 07:43:03

[-] whatnowmed | 1 points | Feb 05 2018 14:36:25

Ah, my mistake, I should have done that first. Thanks for the help!


[-] Sunny_Cakes | 1 points | Feb 05 2018 22:14:02

Nvm. I just tested it and it results in massively bigger filesize than the original. Your best bet is to find releases that are encoded in h265 in the first place. I'd still search in those subreddits for settings to best encode to h265, just in case


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Feb 06 2018 02:10:30

Why | Megalinks MegaDB Why do you want to convert them?


[-] whatnowmed | 1 points | Feb 06 2018 02:18:14

I have ~500 gb of a complete tv show in x264 from a amzn webdl. That's way too big to feasibly upload.


[-] Himechi | 2 points | Feb 06 2018 02:51:35

What is the resolution?
How long are the episodes?
What is the video bitrate of a typical episode?

MediaInfo will shows this information.


[-] Lightzmare | 1 points | Feb 08 2018 00:58:55

What show are the episodes from?


[-] Avid28 | 1 points | Feb 05 2018 11:57:49

Just wondering if anyone else noticed slowly speeds the last few days for zippy? Normally I'd blast a DL at 8+MBps now its like 2MBps at best.

Nothing changed. I assume it's just high traffic times and bad luck?


[-] stonechitlin | 1 points | Feb 10 2018 00:09:44

im in the kb range all of a sudden, cant figure out why.


[-] fuckinggayfaggit | 1 points | Feb 05 2018 15:56:47

I'm sure this has been answered already but why is it some movies uploaded to mega are split into parts instead of one file? Is it to avoid copyright infringement?


[-] Zxvy | 2 points | Feb 06 2018 00:10:25

On usenet, they are packaged separately so that if, most especially on a slow connection, a download fails, you only have to re-download a part of it. It is less necessary today with faster and more reliable internet.


[-] fuckinggayfaggit | 1 points | Feb 06 2018 00:22:12

Ah, I see. Also why is it some links need to be decoded using base64?


[-] exhippy | 2 points | Feb 06 2018 18:52:23

The uploaders are trying to protect the links from being spidered.They do not look like a link when they are base 64 encoded.


[-] Zxvy | 1 points | Feb 06 2018 01:11:39

When you type the regular password it gets converted to base64 and affixed to the URL. Or, you can just use the base64 directly and add it to the end of the URL.


[-] IgnoreMyName | 1 points | Feb 06 2018 06:33:52

I can't seem to download this "Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" no matter what.


The upload is still up but neither MegaDownloader or JDownloader2 download it. In JD2, I immediately get the reconnect symbol when I start the download.


[-] endresz | 1 points | Feb 06 2018 18:23:55

has anybody noticed that some mega links download very slowly (500KB/s-ish) either through jdownloader or chrome? I've tried importing it too which didn't make a difference and other links are downloading at full speed. are not all files on all server locations?


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Feb 07 2018 01:32:05


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Feb 08 2018 01:04:32



[-] Cqouta | 2 points | Feb 08 2018 02:03:25

Can I generate separate links for the things I wish to share?


Can I upload movies, music, ebooks, comics, etc and share them individually or must it be all at once?

Can be however you want.

Do I need to create a Mega account for each thing I want to share?

Not necessary


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Feb 08 2018 03:23:37



[-] gazongagizmo | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 12:44:50

Some people recommend not sharing from your primary account. If you share something "high value", something that the studios/copyright holders have their eye on (a fresh big budget movie or TV series), your account will get a takedown notice. Multiple takedown notices result in a deleted account, AFAIK. Which would be a shame with a big account, or in general one that one pays for.

You can create a new account with a different email adress in a matter of minutes, and each new account (right now) has got 15GB of storage. (More storage with temporary account privileges, like inviting friends or installing the app)

As to how you can share stuff:

In the MEGA interface you have the shared files listed as directories and files. You can right click on a particular file and generate a link, which you can then share here, or you can put the files you wish to share at once into a directory, then right-click on that directory to generate a link for that.

Note: in this sub it's preferred to not share the full link as it is, but to obfuscate it behind base64 encoding or snahp.it


[-] extremebs | 1 points | Feb 08 2018 04:52:00

The reddit account I'm using is attached to my main email that I use for everything. Since I have posted megalinks on here many times should I switch my email to one that isn't linked to anything personal? I feel like one day this sub might get randomly banned and we could all end up in some sort of lawsuit or something. I'm just having some paranoid thoughts is all.


[-] Sunny_Cakes | 1 points | Feb 08 2018 21:29:25

If the day ever happens that mass lawsuits occur (which wouldn't even be profitable for the companies holding the copyrights in the case of casual pirates), it'll be much easier to go for the torrent users. Ultimately the big hindrance for them is money, why would they go after casual pirates?


[-] [deleted] | 0 points | Feb 08 2018 21:35:42



[-] Sunny_Cakes | 4 points | Feb 08 2018 21:39:25



[-] Benferhat | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 11:01:04

That wouldn't help, reddit presumably keeps records of your email address history. And they would track you via your IP address anyway, even if you had used a fake one from the start.

The only way to share these things safely is to have separate mega and reddit accounts that you only access via the TOR Browser, and obviously to route all your uploading through TOR, which would be way too slow.

If you're that worried you should just delete your shared files from mega. Copyright holders usually just want you to stop sharing, they'd rather avoid the negative publicity that comes with a lawsuit.


[-] pepolpla2 | 1 points | Feb 08 2018 20:28:16

so one of my accounts only has 15GB even though it had 50 available before. What gives? I thought thought older accounts keep their 50GBs.


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Feb 08 2018 20:39:33

The same thing happened to one of my old accounts. I don't know why.


[-] pepolpla2 | 1 points | Feb 08 2018 20:44:52

I don't know either. I sent a message to support. Not sure how that will go.


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Feb 16 2018 02:40:57

It just happened again to my current account. :(


[-] igotsomegreypoupon | 0 points | Feb 08 2018 21:33:10

If you got a new account with achievements based storage then your 35GB registration bonus might've expired (30 days after account registration). I asked mega support whether old accounts would be "retro-fitted" to the new 15GB storage limit and they said no. hopefully they haven't backtracked on that decision.


[-] pepolpla2 | 0 points | Feb 09 2018 02:47:05

I signed up with that account a couple months ago


[-] OkayDragon | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 00:14:46

Is there a direct conversion to how many GB a x264 movie be if it is encoded to x265? For example, how many gigs would an x265 encode be if it's quality were to match that of a 20 gig x264 movie?


[-] uwotm8_888 | 2 points | Feb 09 2018 05:53:34

I'd say it depends on your setting but usually at crf 21-22 it would be 7 gb


[-] OkayDragon | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 06:15:35

What's crf?


[-] uwotm8_888 | -1 points | Feb 09 2018 06:20:59

refers to constant frame rate, it's a measure of quality, the lower the better but below 20 is just negligible with no decrease in file sizes.


[-] Himechi | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 09:07:37

If we're talking about Handbrake, it's called RF and it's Constant Quality. Constant frame rate is a different setting. I think you're mixing up two different switches.

Is there a direct conversion to how many GB a x264 movie be if it is encoded to x265?

You can expect roughly 30% savings vs x264, so an x265 encode that would match that x264 source would clock in around 15GB. However, that's starting out with an 8bit encode. You get further benefits if you use 10bit or 12bit. I haven't seen any knowledgeable comments about what the potential size savings are with those, but I have encoded both blu-rays and 20GB-ish files down to ~5GB using 12bit and the results were generally excellent.


[-] uwotm8_888 | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 13:36:42

Yup sorry for the .ixup


[-] deleuex | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 05:03:53

Question on Quality: If I have two copies a linux iso one that a higher bitrate in 720 264 and another that a lower bitrate 1080p 265 which one would you keep? I watch these iso's on a 4k tv for those wondering


[-] ghx23 | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 08:10:03

That depends on a few things, usually the higher the bitrate the better the quality (regardless of watching on a 4K display) However HEVC 265 is suppose to compress content more efficiently (lower bitrate/file size) I would probably keep the 1080p x265 copy unless the bitrate is too low but I still prefer 1080p x264 (high bitrate) content if available


[-] Diribiri | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 07:17:50

So I download a 4gb file and end up with my bandwidth monitor telling me I've downloaded nearly twice that. It's not counting uploads, either. Is this one of those things where the bandwidth monitor is inaccurate (like verifying on steam, for example), or is it actually downloading way more than it's supposed to?


[-] exhippy | 1 points | Feb 10 2018 00:31:33

Some one answer a while ago that it was because Mega decrypts the file once it is downloaded & that appears as the same sized download again even though it isn't.


[-] Diribiri | 1 points | Feb 10 2018 00:33:31

So it's not ACTUALLY using the data? That's good then.


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 16:01:10

Is bitrate the say all, end all for quality? Say, Movie A is 8GB 1000kbps bitrate. Movie B is 2GB 1500kbps. Is movie B better in terms of quality simply because of the bitrate, even if the size is smaller? (Or is it more complicated than that).


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Feb 09 2018 18:25:57



[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 18:31:35

Thanks for the reply! Makes sense, was just curious about the whole thing because I see bitrate is commonly named the most important stat! Any and all info is helpful! Thanks again!


[-] eletroguy | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 16:16:06

I'm planning to post a list of what I have, and fill out requests for stuff. Is there a guide on the best way to do that? should I just use one account? multiple? I want to give back to the community but I want to do it right.


[-] GoldFuzzy | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 17:24:15

Anyone want the 4chan /k/ ark? Willing to use my up bandwidth for the day to post it if anyone wants it.

/r/DHExchange discussion about it here.

Original update 1 4chan thread post here.

The torrent is painfully slow, and the update torrent is hard to find and even slower. The two together are about 450GB and took well over a week to download.


[-] PM-ME-NICE-BUTTS | 1 points | Feb 10 2018 10:55:19

Hi I’m new to this I was wondering how can I save the videos I downloaded from the app to my iPhone camera roll?


[-] TySwindel | 1 points | Feb 10 2018 20:31:07

VLC 3.0 solves the 7.1 issue and plays UHD files great. I tested it with a file VLC had issues playing before the 3.0 update and it runs fine now.


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 1 points | Feb 11 2018 03:32:22


I had a lot of time and made a zippyshare rabbit hole... feel free to add to it :)


[-] Himechi | 0 points | Feb 09 2018 02:34:23

A question for people who have had their content hit with takedowns - how long after the posting did the takedown happen? It's happened to me twice and both times the takedown happened in 5 days. The takedown was sent to Mega, not Reddit. I'm wondering if this has also been others' experience and what we might learn from it about who is doing the taking-down.


[-] Cqouta | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 07:27:07

What's there to worry about?


[-] Himechi | -2 points | Feb 09 2018 09:00:05

Why me worry? I'm wondering if there's a pattern to the takedowns that might help us figure out how they're happening.


[-] Lightzmare | 2 points | Feb 09 2018 13:03:39

I'll tell you how:

1 - You upload something that has copyrights on the mega and post it here

2 - Copyright holders have companies monitoring such sub so they file a claim for the file

3 - MEGA answers affirmatively and takes down the file

Not complicated.


[-] TwiztidJuggla420 | -8 points | Feb 08 2018 16:16:27

This subreddit seems to be going to shit lately, in my personal opinion. I have to scroll through an entire page of German audiobooks with one audiobook per post before I get to anything in English. There seem to be more foreign language movies than English posted now, mainly by two particular uploaders. I am not very familiar with Reddit. Is there a way to block users so I no longer see any of their posts? Is there a way to block certain posts, for example all posts of things I have no interest in like anime, audiobooks, comics, ebooks, magazines, news, sports, etc? I wish there was different subreddits for English and non-English at this point.


[-] [deleted] | 9 points | Feb 08 2018 18:42:29



[-] TwiztidJuggla420 | 0 points | Feb 08 2018 20:14:17

Yes. There are already more English movies than I'll have time to watch in my life. I don't speak fluently enough in any other languages to watch foreign language films. I also don't want to read while I'm trying to watch a movie, or I would just read a book.


[-] himdiv23 | 2 points | Feb 09 2018 01:51:21

Watching a foreign masterpiece like Amour or Persona or Oldboy is completely different than reading a book lmao. You're going to miss out on a lot.


[-] gazongagizmo | -1 points | Feb 09 2018 12:47:52

Luckily for him, there are always shitty remakes to shield his world-view from ever being challenged.


[-] TwiztidJuggla420 | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 20:52:39

Actually I don't really watch many new movies. They are all the same. Either children superhero shit or remakes/reboots. Not really anything original any more.


[-] gazongagizmo | 1 points | Feb 10 2018 03:39:16

Forgive my pre-judgment, but with an astute assessment like this, how can you shun foreign movies at face value like this?

Just a few suggestions:

2 Coelhos

13 Tzameti

Abre los ojos

Adam's Apples


Das Boot

Das Experiment

Das Leben der Anderen

Das weiße Band


Der Baader Meinhof Komplex

El Orfanato


I... comme Icare

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK

Ip Man

L'arte della felicità

La haine

Le Cercle Rouge

Lola rennt

Los cronocrímenes



Night on Earth

Pusher (trilogy)


Relatos salvajes

Så som i himmelen

También la lluvia

The Battle Of Algiers

The Good, the Bad & the Weird

Tropa de Elite (1 & 2)



[-] Himechi | 6 points | Feb 08 2018 20:42:15

I have to scroll through an entire page

If this is all it takes for something to go to shit in your book then you're a delicate soul.


[-] igotsomegreypoupon | 4 points | Feb 08 2018 21:56:18

If you have RES installed you can use the filter to block out posts with certain titles or posts by specific users.

Although I do think the book/magazine posts would be better combined into a single post instead of multiple individual ones.


[-] TwiztidJuggla420 | 1 points | Feb 09 2018 20:54:58

Somebody got tired of waiting for Reddit to implement a feature to easily block people so he made his own. It works great. It adds a "block user" clickable button on every comment and submission. :)



[-] TwiztidJuggla420 | 0 points | Feb 08 2018 23:55:43

Thanks, bro. I never heard of that. I'll check it out.