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MRdumful | 7 points | Feb 01 2018 02:09:39

[COMICS] Top Cow Universe Reading Order (1995-2015) (11GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [COMICS] Top Cow Universe Reading Order (1995-2015) (11GB)

Encoded Link: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyNGIW5zbzN5SzdSIXBTbzRqRUJLYzc1aDIwRGNzTmptZ0E=

Decode link with: https://www.base64decode.org/

This covers the Top Cow Universe which includes The Darkness (mostly well known for his video game appearance written by Darkness writer Paul Jenkins) and the Witchblade. This ends at the final issue of Witchblade (185) because I feel it gives a well rounded experience of the top cow universe.

While the first part or so is not too well written it is worth it for understanding future issues of Witchblade. There is also a rather odd explanation for why Jackie stops working for the mob.

Reading order used: https://comicvine.gamespot.com/profile/kaljenko/lists/top-cow-universe-chronology-reading-order-part-1/48622/

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