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Iamtoxic66 | 27 points | Jan 30 2018 16:26:07

[APPLICATION] [PiratePC.Net] Sidify Music Converter 1.2.1+Crack + Ad Remover(Win Client) + Win Client Setup (25.7MB) | Megalinks MegaDB [APPLICATION] [PiratePC.Net] Sidify Music Converter 1.2.1+Crack + Ad Remover(Win Client) + Win Client Setup (25.7MB)

Sidify for Spotify is a DRM Decrypter and Audio Downloader. It work very well, I've been using it all night. I included the Spotify Windows Client as it's needed for Sidify to function properly.


The Ad Remover text is in Spanish. Make sure Spotify is open, run the program as admin. Press 1 then Press Enter. That's it. Close the program. I didn't get a single ad while downloading 37 tracks.


Always Run as Admin | Megalinks MegaDB Always Run as Admin Spotify will open with it. If you don't run as admin you'll get Error 1001


I recommend clicking the gear in the top left. You can change the Output Format and Quality and choose your Output folder. Tick '1x Speed' to ensure the best quality.


Click the + button in the top right of Sidify. Drag'n'drop Spotify playlist into the newly open window and click OK. Click convert.


-Remove DRM from Spotify music.


-Record Spotify music with 100% original quality.


-Convert Spotify songs or playlist to MP3, AAC, FLAC or WAV.


-Preserve ID3 tags for organizing the music library after conversion.


-5X conversion speed; Extremely easy to use with intuitive interface.


Version History





Use Base64Decode to decode the Key.

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[PiratePC.Net] Sidify Music Converter 1.2.1


[PiratePC.Net] Sidify Music Converter 1.2.1 Crack






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[-] MiniTick | 7 points | Jan 30 2018 20:55:53

To follow up, I think even the highest streaming setting you can get from Spotify is 320 kbs MP3. Downloading to FLAC is just a waste of space, and converting to MP3 probably double encodes it, removing even more audio data.

Then again, if you really care about audio quality, you probably wouldn't be using this to download through Spotify...


[-] Like50Wizards | 1 points | Mar 05 2018 15:29:35

So its not a DRM remover its just a recorder?