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MRdumful | 54 points | Jan 28 2018 21:43:31

[COMICS] Justice League (New 52) Reading Order (2011-2015) (6GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [COMICS] Justice League (New 52) Reading Order (2011-2015) (6GB)

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As requested by: u/rdhill13

I will be taking a hiatus after this but I do think I have covered a vast amount of material in the past few days. However, I will try to respond to questions when I can.

This covers the Geoff Johns Justice League run from issue 1 to the acclaimed "Darkseid War".

I decided to leave out Justice League Dark because it does not tie in very much with the main justice league title.

Other reading orders can be found here


[-] Kensik | 2 points | Jan 29 2018 06:55:53

Ty for all of this I can keep up with the downloads :P Thanks to you i have a ton to read.


[-] JimbobJeffers | 2 points | Jan 29 2018 08:37:58

I just want to thank you again for sharing all these, it's seriously awesome of you. Cheers!


[-] iAmTheS3NATE | 1 points | Jan 29 2018 01:18:14

Thanks. Would this be a good place to start from if I've never read any of the Justice League comics?


[-] MRdumful | 1 points | Jan 29 2018 01:19:05

Yes, each order is created to be as new reader friendly as possible


[-] watashiwaerudes | 1 points | Feb 01 2018 19:54:16

This is all New 52 Justice League without Justice League Dark and the Rebirth stuff right? I'm interested in Flash, Batman and the Justice League. So, after finishing the new 52 Flash, main Batman title and this Justice League order, what would I read to go into the Rebirth line-up?

Is there a Road to Rebirth like how there was a Road to Flashpoint leading to Flashpoint leading to New 52?


[-] MRdumful | 2 points | Feb 01 2018 20:36:08

This does end at the Darkseid War right before rebirth. The New 52 reading orders for Flash and Batman both include the Rebirth series.

If you are interested in Rebirth Justice League the series can be downloded here.

There is not a "Road to Rebirth" to the same extent as "Road to Flashpoint". Road to Flashpoint was the name of a certain arc in The Flash while there is no arc offically titled "Road to rebirth". However, Flashpoint, Darkseid War, and Watchmen would be good pre reading for the DC Universe Rebirth one shot.