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Luigi_Gamer | 19 points | Jan 27 2018 17:58:34

[ANIME] [Cleo] Slayers [Dual Audio 10bit DVD480p][HEVC-x265] (4.06 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] [Cleo] Slayers [Dual Audio 10bit DVD480p][HEVC-x265] (4.06 GB)


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Slayers Next | Megalinks MegaDB Slayers Next

Slayers Try | Megalinks MegaDB Slayers Try


[-] Himechi | 3 points | Jan 27 2018 21:15:02

Just sticking my head in the door to say that this series is something special. It's a bit clunky for the first few episodes but once it finds its balance it takes off and soars. After borrowing it from a friend I couldn't buy the dvds fast enough. Ditto for the second season, Slayers Next. The episodes deftly dance amongst tension, action and comedy and are absolutely worth watching.


[-] jayhest | 1 points | Feb 02 2018 13:45:11

any leads on Slayers Try or any of the movies?


[-] hawtsause | 1 points | Feb 07 2018 05:20:14

try got posted, hopefully movies will be sometime soon