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MRdumful | 52 points | Jan 25 2018 16:07:23

[COMICS] The Flash (New 52) Reading Order (2011-2018) (4GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [COMICS] The Flash (New 52) Reading Order (2011-2018) (4GB)

Encoded Link: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyNGIVFWSmwwWUpUIXNjNktSX3EwMmFDVWdLUzBfQnFxMlE=

Decode link with: https://www.base64decode.org/

Disclaimer: While this covers the majority of New 52 Flash some stories have been purposely omitted due to personal preference. If there is a story not here that you would like me to add feel free to let me know.

Similar to the New 52 Wonder Woman reading order, this is a straightforward order. This includes two Flash series (2011-2016, 2016 - present) along with tie ins from both "Convergence" and "Forever Evil".

Other reading orders can be found here


[-] Mel561 | 3 points | Jan 25 2018 22:51:12



[-] mrsloony | 2 points | Jan 25 2018 21:05:58

Any suggestions on what app to use to open those? I got "CBR Reader" but it is not very convenient.


[-] MRdumful | 1 points | Jan 25 2018 21:25:11

I personally use "iComics". However, if you are on an iPad it is suggested that you use "Chunky Comics Reader". For something free, you could use "ComicFlow".


[-] mrsloony | 1 points | Jan 26 2018 17:26:47

Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunatelly, I don't have an iPad or iAnything, so they don't work for me ;p And thanks for the upload!


[-] MRdumful | 1 points | Jan 26 2018 17:42:29

If you are using a computer you could use "CDisplayEx"


[-] MathTheUsername | 1 points | Jan 26 2018 00:07:48

Comicrack is my favorite reader.


[-] mrsloony | 1 points | Jan 26 2018 17:35:54

Many thanks for your suggestion, I downloaded it. Seems better than what I had before! Though their website looks kinda suspicious.


[-] mrsloony | 1 points | Jan 28 2018 17:51:43

Hi guys, I have another question. I've finally found some time to read it and I saw this pane: https://imgur.com/a/JVcLd Am I not reading it in the correct order? I've started with Move Forward, with the comic '0 The Flash 025 (2014) (digital-Empire)'.


[-] MRdumful | 1 points | Jan 28 2018 21:21:27

It is not the wrong order. issue 25 is part of the event "Zero Year" which means it is a prequel to issue 1. The reason it says "go back" is because it was released after issue 1.


[-] watashiwaerudes | 2 points | Jan 28 2018 23:05:40

You have done some amazing work! So are all your reading orders in chronological order or in release date order? A noob doubt - I like The Flash but have never read comics, can I start with New 52 without knowing any stuff that happened in previous comics? Thanks a lot brother.


[-] MRdumful | 2 points | Jan 28 2018 23:12:30

For the most part it is in order of release date but if there is a certain series/issue that takes place at a specific point in time I tend to arrange it accordingly.

You can start with this order or the pre New 52 order. Each of my uploads is designed to be as new reader friendly as possible.

The New 52 in particular is a great starting point if you are not interested in the older comics.


[-] watashiwaerudes | 2 points | Jan 28 2018 23:33:16

Brilliant! I will start with the new 52 and might move to the previous ones depending on my time. Thanks for the collection. If I may, why did you want to do this whole organizing and making a collection though? It's amazing.


[-] MRdumful | 2 points | Jan 28 2018 23:41:52

I am personally interested in continuity so I like to have everything laid out ahead of time instead of having several series bunched together with no reference for how they fit in.

This is especially the case with comics such as 90s Superman where each title (Adventures of Superman, Superman, Action Comics) continues into the next.


[-] watashiwaerudes | 1 points | Jan 29 2018 00:39:34

Erm.. you got a torrent for these? I've run out of my bandwidth limit for Mega.


[-] MRdumful | 1 points | Jan 29 2018 01:16:58

I do not know very much about creating torrent but I created a torrent magnet link here: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:94781328ef337c83f96bd924ac3e671d7ef5ba0e&dn=The+Flash+New+52

Hopefully it works


[-] watashiwaerudes | 2 points | Jan 29 2018 01:51:47

I don't have any experience creating torrents too. Your torrent doesn't work though. It's ok, I will wait till the limit is over. I need to download 2 gigs more only.