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MRdumful | 36 points | Jan 25 2018 05:56:06

[COMICS] Wonder Woman (New 52) Reading Order (2011-2018) (3GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [COMICS] Wonder Woman (New 52) Reading Order (2011-2018) (3GB)


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Requested by: u/Tandevilz

Disclaimer: While this covers the majority of Wonder Woman some stories have been purposely omitted due to personal preference. If there is a story not here that you would like me to add feel free to let me know.

This is a very straightforward reading order. It collects the prequel series "Odyssey of the Amazons" as well two Wonder Woman series (2011-2016, 2016-present). Each folder represents one trade paperback.

"Superman Wonder Woman" is not included because it ties heavily into New 52 Superman. "Trinity (2017)" has also been omitted because part of the series deals with the implications of what happened to Superman before Rebirth so it too is part of the New 52 Superman reading order.

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