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MRdumful | 41 points | Jan 25 2018 05:27:13

[COMICS] Superman (New 52) Reading Order (2011-2017) (14GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [COMICS] Superman (New 52) Reading Order (2011-2017) (14GB)


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Requested by: u/Tandevilz

Disclaimer: While this covers the majority of New 52 Superman some stories have been purposely omitted due to personal preference. If there is a story not here that you would like me to add feel free to let me know.

This includes Superman as well as other titles such as Supergirl, Superwoman, and New Super-Man. I was debating whether to put the Superboy series in or not but ultimately decided not to because 1. It is generally not well regarded 2. It seems to have stronger ties with New 52 Teen Titans than Superman.

This ends after the first arc of "Super Sons" because the reading order I am using is in the 'rough' stages of development so I am waiting for some more updates before sorting the more recent issues.

Reading orders used:
https://comicbookreadingorders.com/dc/events/new-52-reading-order/ https://comicbookreadingorders.com/dc/dc-rebirth-reading-order-part-1/

Other reading orders can be found here


[-] half_of_everything | 1 points | Jan 28 2018 18:21:57

I really appreciate these collections. You put in a lot of work. It seems folder #20 is missing from this series. Is that intentional?


[-] MRdumful | 2 points | Jan 28 2018 21:39:50


If folders are missing it is less so about content and more about the actual sorting process. Either I forgot to put something in folder 20 and I ended up deleting it because it was empty or there was a series in there that I ended up removing for whatever reason (relevance, personal taste, etc).

I am not too sure what the reason was in this case