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MRdumful | 59 points | Jan 25 2018 01:05:48

[COMICS] Wonder Woman Reading Order (1987-2011) (14GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [COMICS] Wonder Woman Reading Order (1987-2011) (14GB)


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Disclaimer: While this covers the majority of Wonder Woman some stories have been purposely omitted due to personal preference. If there is a story not here that you would like me to add feel free to let me know.

This Wonder Woman reading order starts with the acclaimed George Perez series (1987) and ends before the "New 52" reboot of the character (2011). There are also starting points if you do not want to read the entire order.


[-] kaching335 | 4 points | Jan 25 2018 01:45:30

This isn't for me, but thanks a bunch anyway, good to see you posting again


[-] JimbobJeffers | 2 points | Jan 25 2018 10:43:44

You are a legend, thanks so much for this!


[-] typongtive21 | 2 points | Jan 25 2018 18:23:33

Thank you. My wife loves Wonder Woman and I was hoping to find some comics for her :)