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Hexomethyl | 21 points | Jan 23 2018 11:11:23

[E-BOOK/PACK] Fantasy & SciFi #3 [EPUB/MOBI] | Megalinks MegaDB [E-BOOK/PACK] Fantasy & SciFi #3 [EPUB/MOBI]

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[-] gazongagizmo | 3 points | Jan 25 2018 13:08:44

Just a quick FYI for those Philip K. Dick fans out there: this pack contains a collection of short stories titled "Minority Report", which naturally also contains the short story on which the movie is based.

However: this collection is a re-pressing of "The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick Vol. 4", a 5 volume edition which was uploaded recently here:


The re-titling and re-pressing of the 5 volume collection as their single parts is a bit confusing. E.g. Vol 2 was released as "Second Variety" (one of Dick's best short stories, btw), but then also a year later as "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale" (basis for Total Recall), with the "Second Variety" story switched out in favour of "We Can Remember..."

In short, I reckon it's best to grab the 5 volume copy and check out the comparison of editions on Wiki, if you ever encounter a titled collection.


[-] i-hear-banjos | 1 points | Jan 23 2018 14:29:29

ooooooooh those Glenn Cook novels have been in my list for some time. Thanks!


[-] doctorwho6904 | 1 points | Jan 24 2018 01:49:04

Thank you so much! Man there a lot of books! So you plan to upload more?