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Hexomethyl | 12 points | Jan 18 2018 09:32:35

[E-BOOK] The Anarchist Cookbook v2000 | Megalinks MegaDB [E-BOOK] The Anarchist Cookbook v2000

Yes, the anarchist cookbook.

Decode with base64:



[-] TurkuSama | 3 points | Jan 18 2018 16:49:25

Thanks. Also, if any FBI are watching this I'm just generally curious. I'm not a risk.

PS, I know that's what a terrorist would say. But I'm not. So...yea...just curious..


[-] patapatapatapata | -10 points | Jan 18 2018 16:04:22

So this guy shares books on how to make chemical bombs and posts about making chemical bombs and books about dissappearing from the internet and suicide bombings. Now he's sharing the anarchist cookbook. Someone should actually contact the police cause there are so many red flags here.

Or you can downvote me. Oh well. RIP this guy's victims.


[-] mjac1017 | 10 points | Jan 18 2018 18:09:59

Quick question, if you think something should be done why not do it yourself instead of asking other people to do it for you?

Edit: Also, are you the one who had the antifa thing in your comment or is it the hidden comment? I only ask because your comment was edited and that could possibly be the reason people were downvoting you.

Edit 2: Also, complaining about downvotes makes you look a little ridiculous when it all ends up balancing out.


[-] patapatapatapata | -6 points | Jan 18 2018 19:22:35

Because I was joking. I made a political joke but decided to not go there so good job asshole


[-] mjac1017 | 9 points | Jan 18 2018 19:54:02

So I'm an asshole for asking a question? Congratulations, that's the stupidest thing I've heard today.


[-] Aldierx | 8 points | Jan 18 2018 23:30:29

This shit is on Amazon lol


[-] Hexomethyl | 7 points | Jan 18 2018 18:13:23

I can assure you there's nothing going on lol.(Typical answer till something happens)

The disappearing ebook was obtained from leakforums where I used to be active and downloaded it since it looked interesting.

The chemistry ebooks is due to my love for chemistry and why not share them. I seem to have gift where I just get chemistry and regularly top my whole year. (Don't have to believe me since everyone is A. Einstein on the net)

Suicide bombings are in a game where it's just me and my mates playing ArmA 3 or Squad, where it's a viable META and music makes it even spicier as a meme.

The anarchist cookbook upload was just for juicy internet points which is the motive of 99% of all posts.


[-] patapatapatapata | -6 points | Jan 18 2018 19:21:09

RIP me