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doctorwho6904 | 11 points | Jan 18 2018 08:56:38

[E-Book] The Odette C Bell Series | Megalinks MegaDB [E-Book] The Odette C Bell Series

This file contains all 7 books in the Odette C Bell series. All books are in 1 file and in Epub format. The books are of the best quality that i could find. If i find better versions i will upload them. I hope you all enjoy. Use base64decode.org to decode. Decode both the link and key.

Link: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyMhOG1Rd1VJQmI=

Key: IW92RkttcEtMa0ljVkJwcGNCS2paVUgxc216TW1zNjR0RGlzb3pYTldySVU=


[-] abotokia | 1 points | Jan 18 2018 23:34:01

Thanks for the uploads. Is there an application to split the epub into the separate books?


[-] doctorwho6904 | 1 points | Jan 19 2018 01:56:06

No not that i know of. Besides what's wrong with the version i've uploaded? Yes it can be a bit of an annoyance but it's still not the worst.


[-] abotokia | 1 points | Jan 19 2018 16:41:26

Nothing wrong which is why I thanked you in my reply. I figured since you posted a lot of books that you would know how.