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doctorwho6904 | 9 points | Jan 17 2018 07:13:13

[E-Book] The Haunted by Magic Series | Megalinks MegaDB [E-Book] The Haunted by Magic Series

This file contains all 22 books in the Haunted by Magic series. All books are in 1 file and in Epub format. The books are of the best quality that i could find. If i find better versions i will upload them. I hope you all enjoy. Use base64decode.org to decode. Decode both the link and key.

Link: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyMhZG1waEJaamE=

Key: IVpYV1dnbmhhR3hpVlhfQVAxLVVHLWt5NGxTN1RVbjNTSlhQUE5iUG43dlk=


[-] doctorwho6904 | 1 points | Jan 17 2018 07:22:25

BTW i'm going to be uploading a lot of books within the next couple of days. As i found a huge bundle of books. However a lot of it is romance. But there are some books in other genres too.