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countygeneral | 8 points | Jan 16 2018 04:56:20

[DOCUMENTARY] Unfair Game: How Trump Won (2018 Deutsche Welle DocFilms) [720p WEBRip | x264 | 96 AAC] [808MB] | Megalinks MegaDB [DOCUMENTARY] Unfair Game: How Trump Won (2018 Deutsche Welle DocFilms) [720p WEBRip | x264 | 96 AAC] [808MB]

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was marked by fiery rhetoric, attacks on others and lies. He lost the popular vote in the presidential race, yet became the US president. How was this possible? | Megalinks MegaDB Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was marked by fiery rhetoric, attacks on others and lies. He lost the popular vote in the presidential race, yet became the US president. How was this possible?

There is a powerful family behind Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States of America - a family that has been donating millions of dollars to conservative causes for a decade, and has repeatedly obstructed any attempts to subject it to public scrutiny and accountability. In addition to taking control of Donald Trump's election campaign, Robert Mercer and his foundation have tremendous influence on the right-wing populist website Breitbart News, a propaganda vehicle for the so-called alt-right movement. In addition, family has been funding a psychometric data company that uses algorithms to target potential voters. Critics say big data, coordinated fake news and Mercer all managed to make society more predictable and swing the vote in Trump’s favor.

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[-] Mrfrodough | 9 points | Jan 16 2018 05:06:48

A huge portion was the absolutely shit candidate in clinton and that the primary was rigged against sanders, who based on all polls and data wouldve destroyed trump by double digits......


[-] is_it_fun | 8 points | Jan 16 2018 14:42:11

Listen to her book on tape. She sounds like a robot. What on earth made her think she was a viable candidate? Insanity.


[-] coolfuze | -6 points | Jan 16 2018 05:29:39

Agreed, although if you compare business sense to business sense I'm glad Trump is president. Bernie would turn America into a socialist country.


[-] Mrfrodough | 6 points | Jan 16 2018 05:31:43

...... America is a socialist country. I think you incorrectly think socialism is the same as communism and its not. As for trumps business "sense" you may want to consider that his businesses have gone bankrupt repeatedly.


[-] teaoverlord | 9 points | Jan 16 2018 18:18:18

I have no idea what you think socialism is if you think America is socialist.


[-] Mrfrodough | 1 points | Jan 16 2018 18:22:29

I dont think america is socialist. America IS socialist. Think police,fire departments, social security, welfare, unemployment, etc etc. Pooling of societal resources for public good is a very dumbed down way to describe socialism.

I know "socialism" is ripped in the media and by right wing mentally ill politicians but that doesn't change facts and reality.


[-] teaoverlord | 10 points | Jan 16 2018 18:25:14

Socialism doesn't mean "any time the government does anything".


[-] Mrfrodough | 1 points | Jan 16 2018 18:52:39

I didnt say it did. You clearly didnt read and or understand the examples given.


[-] d3nium | 1 points | Jan 16 2018 09:26:31

How did he become a billionaire if he's a failed businessman? Genuine question...


[-] burndogy | 5 points | Jan 16 2018 10:21:06

ugh. 1. He's not a billionaire. 2. He got all his money from daddy and lost most of it in the 80's. Look up his business history, for fucks sake, use your fucking head. What legitimate business man sells "Trump Steaks"? Do you know how many times he and his businesses have been sued? Let me guess your answer -FAKE NEWS.


[-] d3nium | 9 points | Jan 16 2018 10:30:52

I've looked it up. Trumps dad gave him a couple of million, Donald then turned it into billions. Only a fool would argue that Trump isnt a billionaire. Ask Forbes if you don't believe me. Trump doesn't personally sell steaks, he sells the Trump brand.

I think you should spend less time getting triggered about Trump and more time studying the facts.


[-] burndogy | -2 points | Jan 16 2018 11:01:43

sources? Forbes is it? The Trump brand has had a shit reputation for years, were you a Trump fan before he ran, or was it when he started attacking minorities? "Telling it like it is" Was it your "economic anxiety"? Based on your simplistic view of socialism and your typical Trumper blind alliance to a pathological liar, we can end on this- People like you do trigger me, more and more, and not just online. You're on the wrong side of history and when you are beaten, you will have denied it. Rot.


[-] d3nium | 9 points | Jan 16 2018 12:54:06

Erm no it's not. Trump hotels are notoriously expensive and luxurious. His brand has gone down since the election no doubt, but no, it's not "had a shit reputation for years"

All politicians are liars, Trump actually lies less than most of them. I find him quite refreshing actually. At least he has the balls to speak his mind.

You really need to get offline and go for some nice long walks to calm down, you seem like a very angry individual.

Anyway, enjoy the next few years, try not to have a heart attack. :)


[-] lucasorion | 3 points | Jan 16 2018 19:41:24

Trump actually lies less than most of them

Source? https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/12/14/opinion/sunday/trump-lies-obama-who-is-worse.html


[-] Mrfrodough | 1 points | Jan 16 2018 15:31:56

Trump is a proven pathological liar. He denies things he is on video as saying, he changes his stance on things constantly. Sure politicians lie alot no question but trump has very little grasp on reality.


[-] hug-bot | 2 points | Jan 16 2018 10:21:10

Perhaps you misspelled "hug." Would you like one? 🤗

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[-] Mrfrodough | 5 points | Jan 16 2018 05:34:17

If you want to look at what a socialist country is in what sanders is aiming for look at Scandinavian countries. Some of the best countries in the world in many categories.


[-] Tagliavini | 6 points | Jan 16 2018 06:39:38

The future of America is in Democratic Socialism. We should be able to understand what works over there (primarily the country works for its citizens) and improve it over here (at at least have our country focus on our citizens once in a while, instead of throwing them under the bus [or out of the hospital, school, country] because Corp X's CEO- who's making $25 million a year - wants a better package, and figures a $7.25 minimum wage is just too damned high).


[-] Mrfrodough | 3 points | Jan 16 2018 06:40:44

Correct but that requires thinking and being objective and the general public has issues with that


[-] Tagliavini | -1 points | Jan 16 2018 07:04:49

Some politicians feast on fear. Lying is their currency. Manipulating the public their bread and butter. I liked Sanders. He was a buffoon, but damned if he didn't mean well. Great on the big ideas, terrible on the nuts-and-bolts. Some of his supporters - dubbed Bernie-bros - took things too far. They believed that they were going to change the world gosh-darnit, and there was no compromise, only their way. Nobody was as "progressive" as they were. Everybody who disagreed was a "Republican." This group used right-wing propaganda to assail Clinton, which undermined her integrity and disillusioned democrats who were sitting on the fence. It destroyed her in the eyes of many independents, and it confirmed what her opponents already knew - even if by "already knew," I mean they were gullible suckers, who embraced the spin as heartily as the Bernie-bros themselves.

Many BB's hoped Clinton would lose. They believed - I shit you not - That Trump would be less dangerous than Clinton. Trump, a guy who's family runs the West Wing. Trump, who lied throughout the course of the primary and general.

When i think of Sanders i think of Bernie-bros.... they believe Trump's Russian collusion was fabricated by Clinton, while simultaneously defending Wikileaks founder.

The general public are not the only ones who need more objectivity and critical thinking in their daily lives. It's fairly ubiquitous across all demographics, my own fxcked generation included.


[-] Mrfrodough | 4 points | Jan 16 2018 15:28:45

You do know that the term bernie bros was made up by clinton supporters trying to smear bernie as sexist even though he is a self proclaimed feminist right? There was no propaganda needed to hurt clinton, her own actions did it all.


[-] Tagliavini | 1 points | Jan 16 2018 15:48:34

As did Sanders, hence he lost the primary by over 3,000,000 votes. There were numerous Sanders pages on Facebook and they were very militant and strongly opposed to any discussion unless it involved "voter fraud", Clinton "pay for play", "Uranium One", Bill's affairs, etc.... They want to basically destroy the DNC: instal Ellison, remove DWS, etc.... They haven't realized yet how much they sound like the GOP discussing the ACA, yet the parallels are undeniable. Clinton's campaign can be summed up like this: political shell shock. Her own lack of charisma, and overly intellectual, yet weak, statements undermined her credibility. She is brilliant, but terribly flawed. She couldn't connect with the average Joe, and ignored large swaths of the country. You can't campaign in an echo chamber and expect to coast to victory, even against a buffoon like Trum o.

Anyway, this discussion could go on forever, and none of us really give a shit hahaha..

I love Schadenfreude, so the Trump presidency isn't all bad. It beats prime-time (little) hands down.


[-] is_it_fun | 1 points | Jan 16 2018 14:42:41

He's declared bankruptcy so many times. He's a terrible businessman.


[-] Tagliavini | 3 points | Jan 16 2018 05:35:48

The Mercers are crazy family completely out of touch with America. They installed Bannon in Trump's campaign. The husband is a mute (for all intents and purposes) and the wife is nuts.

Clinton , for all of her flaws, was the most qualified candidate running in 2016. Trump hoped to use losing the general as a way to launch new ventures, this included the possibility of forming his own television network. Roger Ailes plotted on forming a network to compete with Fox, and had recruited Hannity, and O'Reilly. He was actively recruiting Bannon when he passed away. I'm glad Trump's imploding and that Ailes wasn't able to create another Fox. Two more worthless channels would make honest dialogue even that much more difficult.


[-] rednight39 | 2 points | Jan 16 2018 17:28:27

I'm not sure... I think I might have preferred another cable channel to the daily shitshow we instead get to witness.


[-] Tagliavini | 1 points | Jan 16 2018 17:31:46

Hahaha true.


[-] d3nium | 1 points | Jan 16 2018 09:27:17

We've all read the book, tell us something we don't know.


[-] imready4dessert | 3 points | Jan 16 2018 10:29:08

lmao. cant escape it.


[-] bunnymud | 2 points | Jan 16 2018 23:49:11

Sanders was set to win, but Hilary rigged the game with the media and handed the presidency to Trump.