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cacadodo666 | 32 points | Jan 16 2018 02:30:26

[E-BOOK] TSR D&D Modules Collection [13.47GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [E-BOOK] TSR D&D Modules Collection [13.47GB]

Good ol modules and books. I don't know how complete, but it's a lot. Had this stored away for while. Both L and K are base64.

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[-] Machinalf | 3 points | Jan 16 2018 03:11:57

Thanks. I actually go back and read all this for fun. In case anyone is wondering links are in base64


[-] samuraip | 2 points | Jan 16 2018 14:43:05

I got my start as a professional artist working on some of these books! The only one I didn't find in this group was Tale of the Comet - nice collection.


[-] Masonicbro | 3 points | Jan 16 2018 17:27:53

Yup, its missing Tale of the Comet Odyssey box set, as well as, the 3 Savage Coast Odyssey books. You can get those missing books from this site https://rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/AD%26D%202nd%20Edition/Modules/

Only place online i could find them. That site has nearly every out of print RPGs out there.


[-] GodnBabyJesusHelpUs | 1 points | Jan 16 2018 11:40:21



[-] Big_Yehudah | 1 points | Jan 16 2018 16:06:58