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Luigi_Gamer | 46 points | Jan 13 2018 18:37:27

[ANIME] [Cleo] Paranoia Agent [Dual Audio x264 10bit BD720p] (1.78 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] [Cleo] Paranoia Agent [Dual Audio x264 10bit BD720p] (1.78 GB)

Original Title: | Megalinks MegaDB Original Title: Mousou Dairinin


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[-] xXsTeffOovErkILLXx | 6 points | Jan 13 2018 19:21:29

Don't know about the "technical" quality of this version, but I can most definitely recommend this series to everyone.

Very well structured and interesting story and plot, everything happening in here has it's purpose for the series and it even deals with some important issues in our real society, even if only indirect (sometimes more and sometimes less).

Awesome series, nice animation, top story 10/10.


[-] Mortos3 | 3 points | Jan 14 2018 13:35:44

Kon Satoshi was a great writer/director. I'll have to rewatch this one sometime, not sure I understood everything the first go round


[-] xXsTeffOovErkILLXx | 2 points | Jan 14 2018 14:18:23

He was indeed. I love this Satoshi Kon-Madhouse combination, could watch them all day. Already rewatched a couple of his works like Paprika or Memories :D


[-] Mortos3 | 4 points | Jan 14 2018 14:32:40

Yep. And in case anyone's interested, I've uploaded his other works here previously. They're the best encodes I could find; IIRC some of the blurays have issues or were poorly mastered, so that is why some of them are only encoded in 720p:


Perfect Blue

Millenium Actress

Tokyo Godfathers

Paranoia Agent



[-] xXsTeffOovErkILLXx | 1 points | Jan 14 2018 15:20:03

I'm pretty sure I've got all of these uploads made by you already :D

Anyone who hasn't, go get them now!


[-] elijah369 | 1 points | Jan 14 2018 05:46:59

Thanks man