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Luigi_Gamer | 27 points | Jan 13 2018 00:30:42

[ANIME] [Cleo] Lupin III (2015) [10bit 1080p][HEVC-x265] (6.09 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] [Cleo] Lupin III (2015) [10bit 1080p][HEVC-x265] (6.09 GB)


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[-] xxdil111xx | 8 points | Jan 13 2018 02:36:32

is this the english dub?


[-] PrimodialStrain | 3 points | Jan 13 2018 11:23:10

No the English dub is still airing on toonami it's almost over 2 more episodes.


[-] rahi3m9132 | 1 points | Jan 13 2018 03:48:42

Nice!I've been looking all over the Internet for this series.


[-] NotAHost | 5 points | Jan 13 2018 05:22:42

I have some of the dubbed episodes of the show from the 70s if there is interest. Not all episoded were dubbed, I believe the ones that aren't dubbed are subbed in the pack that I got.


[-] rahi3m9132 | 1 points | Jan 13 2018 06:46:28

I'll gladly take you up on you're offer. How big is the file size?


[-] NotAHost | 1 points | Jan 14 2018 02:36:04

I have the "The woman called fujiko mine" series, one season of it atleast, 4.5 GB.

There is a new season currently running as well (2017) that is pretty decent. Same voice actors, not every episoded is dubbed right now. Not sure if that is the same series that is in this megalink.

The lupin the third I have is called Lupin the third, complete collecetion, downloaded it a few years ago. Didn't even realize it had a few movies in it/etc. Full size: 24 GB.


[-] Colonel_Cthulu | 1 points | Jan 13 2018 08:55:33

I would appreciate this as well. I'm interested in getting into Lupin II but my collection is very slim.


[-] NotAHost | 1 points | Jan 14 2018 02:36:55

What are you looking for and what are you missing? I'm a huge fan, trying to get it all but it can get annoying to find it.


See my other comment.

I believe all episodes are there, but unfortunately not all episodes are dubbed and plex does not organize them perfectly. I may rename the files to get plex to work a bit more friendly and then upload, or I can just upload as is.


[-] Colonel_Cthulu | 1 points | Jan 14 2018 09:30:37

I think all I really have is Cagliostro, Jigen's Grave, and the one you just posted.

So really, anything would be appreciated. I do not care if its not all dubbed; I generally prefer subs anyway


[-] NotAHost | 1 points | Jan 14 2018 20:13:50

The ones I have I think are dual audio, not sure. I'll upload the collection tomorrow or so, and I'll let you know.


[-] rahi3m9132 | 1 points | Jan 15 2018 06:24:00

Ah okay thanks !


[-] StabrosPapdropolis | 1 points | Jan 16 2018 23:45:44

Was wondering if you had uploaded The woman called Fujiko mine series and the following movies. Been looking for them for a while but good quality rips especially dubs are hard to find for this particular series.


[-] Colonel_Cthulu | 1 points | Jan 31 2018 08:13:39

Are you still planning on uploading the other Lupin III series you have?


[-] NotAHost | 1 points | Feb 01 2018 00:58:59

I did upload a few and send out private messages. I ended up going through the movies and merging the movies that were split in two files into one, with subs. I'm just trying to get together the latest season, which not all episodes have been dubbed, so I have to use two sources. I'm trying to make the 'ultimate' collection' of just everything that is available, in the best quality that I have. I'll make a post in megalinks next week with everything hopefully, might be earlier. I'll come back to this thread and let people know.


[-] Colonel_Cthulu | 1 points | Feb 11 2018 07:26:55

I hate to keep bothering you about this, but any update on when you will be posting them?


[-] NotAHost | 1 points | Feb 11 2018 16:55:29

I can upload what I have but I’ve been trying to prepare season 2/3 for plex. Unfortunately the current ones are out of order, and ordering it seems to be a pain in the ass due to lack of descriptions of the episodes in Wikipedia, so I have to compare it with Hulu as a reference, which takes even more time.


[-] Colonel_Cthulu | 2 points | Feb 11 2018 18:55:46

They are going to be put on my Plex server as well, so that would be beneficial to me.

I appreciate you taking the time to do that.


[-] grognakbabarian | -4 points | Jan 13 2018 06:26:27

Cleo rips are trash and should be banned from being posted, along with YIFY and Tigole


[-] sergiomomos | 3 points | Jan 14 2018 05:15:30

Why are they trash?


[-] grognakbabarian | 0 points | Jan 14 2018 07:07:38

Low bitrate mostly. One time I downloaded a release from Cleo that was "1080p dual audio" but was 720p Japanese only. Just don't even bother with them