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VoxPopuliCry | 20 points | Jan 06 2018 17:11:51

[EBOOK/MAGAZINE PACK] Blocks (Lego) Magazine| 2017 Full Year Collection|~770 MB|PDF | Megalinks MegaDB [EBOOK/MAGAZINE PACK] Blocks (Lego) Magazine| 2017 Full Year Collection|~770 MB|PDF

Here is a collection of the [Blocks Magazine] (http://www.blocksmag.com/page4) 2017 Full Year Collection.

Blocks magazine is a celebration of everything LEGO. Aimed at enthusiasts young and old it is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of plastic bricks when taking a break from your latest build.

Blocks will showcase the latest big releases from LEGO and gives in-depth reviews and opinion on each. It will focus on the big and the small and cover all palates, be it space, castle or creator. Blocks will showcase some of the best custom builds from around the world with interviews from the people behind them.

Useful hints, tips and how-to features from LEGO experts and plenty of inside information, helping you get the most out of your hobby.

Download Links: | Megalinks MegaDB Download Links:

Mega | Zippy ---|--- Here | Here

Notes: For Zippyshare, download both parts to the same folder and extract the zip to get the files.

All issues are in PDF Format, enjoy! :)


[-] Kwabbernood | 1 points | Jan 07 2018 10:32:40

New to me, many thanks!


[-] VoxPopuliCry | 1 points | Jan 07 2018 12:50:43

Enjoy mate! :)