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[EBOOK] Eisenhorn Omnibus (Warhammer 40K) by Dan Abnett (Eisenhorn, #1-3) | Megalinks MegaDB [EBOOK] Eisenhorn Omnibus (Warhammer 40K) by Dan Abnett (Eisenhorn, #1-3)

Requirements: ePUB Reader, 908 Kb | Megalinks MegaDB Requirements: ePUB Reader, 908 Kb

Overview: Warhammer 40,000 (informally known as Warhammer 40K, W40K or simply 40K) is a tabletop miniature wargame produced by Games Workshop, set in a dystopian science-fantasy universe. Games Workshop has expanded the Warhammer 40,000 universe over the years to include several fictional works. The books published relate centrally to the backstory in the Warhammer universe. Whilst the Warhammer (fantasy) and Warhammer 40K (science fiction) universes are extensive, Dan Abnett's Eisenhorn is considered one of the best introductions into the dark W40K universe, not to mention one of the most popular of all published fictional works in the canon.

Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera, Grimdark

Covering a period of nearly three hundred years, Eisenhorn is an epic tale of the far distant future of humanity. The galaxy has been colonized by mankind and is united together in one glorious and extremely dark Imperium that spans nearly forty-percent of the galaxy and contains untold trillions of human beings who are spread out across thousands and thousands of worlds and who struggle for survival as the Imperium's tenuous hold on its territory and its way of life is threatened - from without and within by forces both malevolent and ancient. Principle among these foes are the insidious taint of warp-spawned daemons and their corrosive chaos that corrupts the very soul of and body humanity, aliens who range from disdainfully arrogant to primordially evil, and the threat of insurrection from within the ranks of humanity itself. Inquisitor Eisenhorn is one on the most senior members of the Imperial Inquisition. With his warband he scourges the galaxy in order to root out heresy. When that heresy is found to infiltrate the hierarchy of the Imperium and the Inquisition itself, he must rely on himself alone to deal with it - even if it means making deals with the enemy. All three books of the Eisenhorn trilogy along with two short stories and Eisenhorn's case book and compendium are included in one big volume.



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Do you have a link to mega since the snahpit link goes to zippyshare? Either way, thanks for the upload.