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MRdumful | 55 points | Dec 31 2017 14:16:35

[COMICS] Fables Reading Order (2002-2017) (11GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [COMICS] Fables Reading Order (2002-2017) (11GB)

Encoded link: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyNGITRhbzExSkFMIUp4Q1BqOXlFbG14SjZkVUlmaFgtOFE=

Decode link with: https://www.base64decode.org/

This covers Fables as well as spin off titles such as 'Jack of Fables' and 'Fairest'. Also includes the recently ended spin off 'Everafter'.

If there is anything I should add/remove feel free to let me know.


[-] ratiogwork | 2 points | Dec 31 2017 16:24:13

Thanks for uploading these! As someone who has recently gotten back into comics its awesome that you put these in reading order.

Out of curiousity. When i was a kid there was a comic i loved called Deathmate - Black and have been looking for a digital copy to read again. Woule you happen to have any of that series or any Corwin? Thanks for what you do!


[-] MRdumful | 3 points | Dec 31 2017 16:54:47

I do not think the 'Deathmate' event has been digitized however the deathmate event can be found here but the comics are not digital.

As for Corwin, I am not quite sure what that is but I found a series at this link: http://libgen.io/comics0/_0DAY3/[Us]/D/[DC]/A/Amber/Amber%20-%20Nine%20Princes%20in%20Amber%20(complete)/ which stars a character named Corwin.


[-] ratiogwork | 2 points | Dec 31 2017 21:15:09

Awesome! Thanks for the link! Ive been looking for that for a long time.

I was confusing names on Corwin. The Amber series is awesome and one of my favorite scifi reads of all time. Its pretty freaking epic. What i was thinking about was Corum and i think that he Elric had some comics together. I have found the first Elric on getcomics but havent been able to find anymore. Nether the less, thanks again!


[-] ektoll | 2 points | Dec 31 2017 17:09:06

Very very nice comics, although I was not really satisfied with the way they ended things... I think the comics "The Unwritten" is worth reading also, if you liked the Fable universe, since there is a cross-over episode between those two.

Thanks for the upload OP !


[-] MRdumful | 2 points | Dec 31 2017 17:34:18

Originally I had the 'Unwritten' crossover in this order but I decided to remove it so I could focus on continuity as much as possible although it is definitely very good.


[-] rhunter99 | 2 points | Dec 31 2017 18:57:38

great upload!