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MRdumful | 31 points | Dec 28 2017 19:02:10

[COMICS] Custom Spider-Man reading order (with a few spin offs) (1987-2015) [25 GB] | Megalinks MegaDB [COMICS] Custom Spider-Man reading order (with a few spin offs) (1987-2015) [25 GB]

Encoded link: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyNGIU1HWXduQWpBIUtiUnhoV1UycGFtWUtsMzlvTHViY2c=

Decode the link here: https://www.base64decode.org/

This is a collection of comic books centering around Peter Parker (mostly) that I tried to put in chronological order. The goal is not to include everything but to have essential/good comics from certain eras.

Certain story lines have been purposely not included because I do not think they are worth reading but regardless this is designed to be as easy to follow as possible.

If there is anything that I should add/remove feel free to let me know.


[-] TonySharkks | 3 points | Dec 28 2017 19:37:43

A great post! I recommend you put the mega link behind something like https://www.base64encode.org/. Otherwise, bots trolling this subreddit will probably take this down.

How to use b64 (ignore if you do know)

  1. get mega link

  2. go to link provided

  3. post mega link into top box and encode

  4. take the encoded message and edit this post with the new info.

Thanks for posting this and good day!


[-] MRdumful | 1 points | Dec 28 2017 19:44:45

Ok, will do. Thanks!


[-] ajay1115 | 2 points | Dec 28 2017 20:09:58

thank you