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TheCrach | 13 points | Dec 27 2017 23:02:08

[ANIME] Blend-S (S01) 1080p.WEB.H264-[Nii-sama] (6.72 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] Blend-S (S01) 1080p.WEB.H264-[Nii-sama] (6.72 GB)

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[-] Nalapl3 | 2 points | Dec 28 2017 01:16:44

Why Nii-sama though? They're incompetent, only thing they're doing to subtitles is adding honorifics/literally untranslating puns (what was in original subs in English, they changed to Japanese lmao), and their video is poorly encoded. The best choice for this show is either getting DameDesuYo fansub, or WEB-DL from Wakanim.


[-] TheCrach | 2 points | Dec 28 2017 03:30:55

Sorry I don't upload anime so was clueless about what group to go with. Doesn't DameDesuYo only have 8 episodes, I can't find anything up to 12.


[-] Nalapl3 | 1 points | Dec 28 2017 12:25:45

Yeah, they didn't yet finish it. Though even HorribleSubs would be better than Nii-sama.


[-] TheCrach | 1 points | Dec 28 2017 12:48:35

Like I said I don't upload anime so I have no idea which ones to choose.

Is there anyway to tell which group to choose. Which ones are better than others.


[-] Calahan_ | 3 points | Jan 04 2018 13:27:26

@ TheCrach

For anime, if anyone ever tells you that group or subtitle "A is better than B" then you can pretty much just ignore them, or at best remember to always add a capitalised and heavily bolded "In my own opinion" in front of everything that person is telling you. There is no "A is better than B" (outside of VERY select cases) because it's all subjective, and all down to each person's personal preferences.

So while Nalapl3 is trying to convince you that Nii-sama's subs are bad. The reality is they are only bad in his/her own opinion, and there are actually a lot of anime viewers who like and appreciate the changes Nii-sama makes to the subtitles the group edits. Just like there are a lot of anime viewers who don't like and don't appreciate the edits they make. But there is no "A is better than B", and no one side is correct in their views because there is not, and there can never be, a "correct" when it comes to personal preference (in this regard).

You also won't find any consensus as to which groups are the best for anime (from recent years at least. Most older anime, primarily those that never saw a western release, tend to have a "definitive version" that all sides usually agree is best). So IMO there's little point in looking for a source of which group is best because you will get a different answer depending on where you go. Although a source for "what groups exist/have done animeX" is a different thing than "what groups are best/best for animeX". If whatever source list is impartial and free from personal commentary, then chances are it's closer to the former. But any source with personal commentary should again have "in my opinion" bolded in front of each entry, and largely ignored (in regards to anything about "what group is best").

For anime just upload whatever you find. There is no best or worst group just like there is no right or wrong group to upload. Although if you want to cater to the widest audience then HorribleSubs are usually your best and safest bet. This is because that will just be a rip of the version that had a western broadcast, and the broadcast release/subtitles are effectively the "middle ground" in the battleground between anime fansubbing groups and their respective fanboys/haters. Plus every group uses the broadcast as a base for their subtitles (some try to deny it despite it being obvious), and if you compared every subtitle script from every group for any recent anime, chances are a good 90%+ of it would be identical, with groupies just manically arguing over the rights and wrongs of the 10% (or even just one single line of text).

tl;dr - There is no "best" group for anime, as it all comes down to personal preference, and people will ALWAYS have a difference of opinion in that regard. The safest, most neutral option will likely always be HorribleSubs, because that will just be a rip of whatever version the anime broadcasters aired, and free from "group" rivalries.

Or just upload whatever you find and/or whatever's easiest for you. Because there is no right or wrong anime group, only individual opinions on the matter, which are usually polarised, and rarely ever arrive at a consensus.


[-] Nalapl3 | 1 points | Dec 28 2017 12:50:03

Well, if you're not into anime, not really, since quality varies depending on which simulcast has licensed the show, or which staff members of a group work on the series. But I can assure you, some groups should be just avoided every time, like Nii-sama.


[-] TheCrach | 1 points | Dec 28 2017 12:54:44

Thanks, I'm looking at here | Megalinks MegaDB here and I see under group status a list of the groups. Is that site reliable for info.


[-] Nalapl3 | 1 points | Dec 28 2017 12:56:05

Probably yes. I don't really use AniDB since I'm not a fan of it, but I guess it'a a fine source. Another one is here. Or you can just check at the torrent websites, but it's more painful.


[-] TheCrach | 2 points | Dec 28 2017 13:23:51

How's that

[[ANIME] Blend-S (480p/720p/1080p) WEB.H264-[HorribleSubs] (11.86 GB)](https://www.reddit.com/r/megalinks/comments/7mmka5/anime_blends_480p720p1080p_webh264horriblesubs/)


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