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doctorwho6904 | 15 points | Dec 27 2017 06:23:29

[E-Book] The Alex Cross Series | Megalinks MegaDB [E-Book] The Alex Cross Series

This folder contains all 25 books in the Alex Cross series. All books are separate and in Epub format. The books are of the best quality that i could find. If i find better versions i will upload them. I hope you all enjoy. Use base64decode.org to decode. Decode both the link and key. And Happy Boxing Day for everybody in Canada and the U.K!

Link: aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyMhd2lSVFFEcEM=



[-] balroc | 1 points | Dec 27 2017 15:03:22

There's always a lot of criticism with James Patterson, and I can see why, but the Alex Cross series is always a fun light read