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Luigi_Gamer | 30 points | Dec 26 2017 09:59:43

[ANIME] [MC] Parasyte -the maxim- [Filtered] [BD-1080P] [10BIT] [X265] [AAC] [Dual-Audio] (6.17 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] [MC] Parasyte -the maxim- [Filtered] [BD-1080P] [10BIT] [X265] [AAC] [Dual-Audio] (6.17 GB)


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[-] daniksc | 2 points | Dec 26 2017 15:36:04

best anime ever in my opinion!


[-] AstroNaut777 | 1 points | Dec 26 2017 18:37:28

Sorry for my ignorance but what does "Filtered" means?.


[-] PrimodialStrain | 3 points | Dec 26 2017 20:25:04

Just Sharper lines and supposedly better colors but I highly doubt that because MC uses Moozzi2 which is known to destroy the original colors. By adding different filters while encoding.

Look at MC flying witch encode the blacks look like light greys.


[-] Shiki_S | 1 points | Dec 27 2017 08:07:48

Unfortunately you doubt wrong as MC uses Moozzi2 for all his 'filtered' re-encodes as can be seen if you search up his releases on nyaa.si


[-] sergiomomos | 1 points | Dec 27 2017 09:30:33

So it's better to download the non-filtered version?


[-] Shiki_S | 3 points | Dec 27 2017 09:46:47

In general it is always better to download a non-filtered version, but then you have to take other things into consideration such as; are you limited to megalinks only (no torrents) and how much you care about the quality/size.

For me I am not limited to megalinks and have no issue archiving at any size so what I have downloaded is this, which is pretty much the best version available but that comes at the expense of being 40GB vs this 6GB. So in the end its all about how much you care about quality and the resources you have available.


[-] PrimodialStrain | 1 points | Dec 27 2017 09:41:10

For this absolutely unless there is a good HEVC encoder that doesn't add unneeded filters If smaller sizes are what you are looking for.

I personally prefer the 264 version from MK-PN8 over 265