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indigo6alpha | 31 points | Dec 25 2017 04:38:07

[DISCUSSION] Weekly General Discussion Thread [24/12] | Megalinks MegaDB [DISCUSSION] Weekly General Discussion Thread [24/12]


[-] Himechi | 9 points | Dec 26 2017 22:56:46

A heads-up for downloaders from Canadia - newegg.ca has 10TB HGST drives on sale now for $369.99. 25% off. Their 8TB, 6TB and 4TB are even more heavily discounted.

HGST is regarded as among the best drives out there. I'm using a pair of their 4TB for my video and movie backups and happily recommend them.


[-] Numinak | 8 points | Dec 25 2017 08:01:28

I know there isn't much that can be done, but the downvote bots are getting busy on all the new threads in the requests thread (multiple downvotes). Possibly an upvote bot to counter?


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 4 points | Dec 25 2017 16:18:26

eh ... you're in an arms race against presumed multiple bots. An upvote bot will get countered by more downvote bots. Is there even a point after a while?

Also, there's the outside chance that the request thread just gets a lot of downvotes for various reasons (stuff already been posted, not bothered searching, ...)


[-] doctorwho6904 | -1 points | Dec 26 2017 07:18:35

Well with me everything i ask for i've is the stuff that i could'nt find after searching from my sources. And that's with EVERYTHING.


[-] FlatTextOnAScreen | 6 points | Dec 27 2017 23:22:06

Don't know if it's just me but I've seen an influx of new readers/users lately. While the whole point of this sub is to share content, what happens if this becomes too big? Is there a plan or wait for the sub to shut down then start a new one?


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 14 points | Dec 28 2017 04:48:01

it's an ebb and flow type thing.

The last few months the request thread has blown up in the first few days. Influx of new users make insane request (bluray of a movie in theater, some super obscure crap, stupidly long list of requests, stuff that wasnt ever released in their requested format, etc...) and then get nada in response along with a healthy dose of down votes (either bot or real) and leave

I've seen the request thread kind of come back down to "normal" growth levels lately so that tells me that a lot of the new users come, get nothing and go back to torrenting/other.

That's one example of new users coming and leaving quickly.

Another is the intelligence tests that uploaders use to protect the uploads for as long as possible. You probably also notice a lot "I'm a noob"/"I'm dumb"/"I'm too stupid to do this" comments when they can't figure out what the instructions are to find the links/keys.

New users will come find something they want, fail the intelligence test and leave.

Also bandwidth limitation exceeded will piss people off. As well as needing a download manager (jd2 or the like) or havin to install megasync (why so many people still fight that is beyond me ... and still complain about not being able to download > 5GB)

I dont think it'll ever grow too big for reasons like the above. Torrenting is so much simpler (if they are willing or able) so I'd just as well assume they'd go back to that route of acquiring media.

Obviously with the influx lately news of megalinks has spread. But if the people coming also leave promptly after not being able to figure stuff out then the spreading will probably slow down at that point

And as /u/Himechi said, if this one gets "too big" and attracts unwanted eyes, another one will sprout up. We already have zippylinks/gdrivelinks and the whole assortment of mega* subs in the side bar. Nothing preventing any of those to pick up the slack if this one goes down. When tehparadox went down a lot of the usuals managed to find each other on reddit and all ended up going somewhere else. It's happened before, it'll happen again


[-] TRUMP2016BUILDWALL | 1 points | Dec 30 2017 04:06:24

All good points. When I get home from visiting family I'm going to try to set up archives for this sub. Possibly even documenting links with their respective pws in an excel sheet


[-] Makinged | 1 points | Dec 30 2017 09:58:21

Would you plan on archiving each posts text descriptions or the actual mega link?


[-] TRUMP2016BUILDWALL | 1 points | Dec 30 2017 15:07:33

Not sure yet. I've never done website archives so I'll have to look into it

I'm a fan of the comments because people comment on the quality and stuff


[-] peskypotato | 1 points | Dec 30 2017 20:26:23

Inspired by your comment, I've thrown together a script to archive the new posts being submitted. I will leave it running tonight and see if it encounters any problems. I've rushed this but I think it will suffice.

It saves each post as a txt file with title, date, author and the selftext. The comments are saved up to three levels deep. The problem is to get every new post coming in I am getting them from new but they usually don't get comments as soon as they were posted.

To overcome this problem I could run the script once a day, it would give the posts earlier in the day to accumulate comments but the later posts wouldn't have any :/

Anyways, I'll probably post something in the discussion thread sometime next week if I think this is actually going to work in the long run.


[-] TRUMP2016BUILDWALL | 2 points | Dec 30 2017 20:43:11

Thank you! Only archiving posts older than a week old would be a nice compromise. Please do share your code when you come up with something final

One roadblock is going to be links posted through snahp.it if that ever goes down


[-] peskypotato | 1 points | Dec 30 2017 20:59:39

That's a good idea, I'll see if I can get that to work.


[-] Himechi | 5 points | Dec 28 2017 04:03:23

what happens if this becomes too big?

What tends to make or break file sharing sources is coverage. If this subreddit starts getting mentioned in news and other coverage like Torrentfreak it probably won't be long after when the MPAA comes knocking. In the meantime we could have 100,000 subscribers and it wouldn't matter - megalinks is hidden in plain sight by several hundred thousands of other subreddits. If megalinks becomes a topic outside of megalinks, then we'll be in trouble.

What happens after that is the sub gets shut down and somebody opens a new one with a different title and at least some of the old crowd finds their way back. Like an after-hours club that keeps getting shut down only to re-open elsewhere.


[-] Tom_The_Duck | 5 points | Dec 25 2017 08:29:40


I'm so sorry if this is a noob-question, but I'm slightly lost: how do I download things from Mega on an Android device? What app/download manager can I use?

No root, stock on 8.1.

Thanks for any help!


[-] AabidS10 | 4 points | Dec 25 2017 09:08:59

the mega app


[-] Tom_The_Duck | 2 points | Dec 25 2017 11:48:32

Won't that also have the download limit? Or can I download as much as I want?


[-] Hable061 | 5 points | Dec 25 2017 11:59:30

It also has the download limit sadly...


[-] AabidS10 | 2 points | Dec 25 2017 11:59:59

it will.


[-] stormarsenal | 0 points | Dec 26 2017 04:29:54

Just use a VPN when you run out of bandwidth.


[-] Matt14451 | 4 points | Dec 28 2017 10:18:39

Does anyone know what happened to /u/douhaveanygreypoupon?


[-] AabidS10 | 3 points | Dec 28 2017 14:43:40

he got himeslf shadowbanned


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 5 points | Dec 28 2017 21:04:00

damn, always enjoyed his/her uploads


[-] exhippy | 3 points | Dec 28 2017 17:32:14

What happened?He/she uploaded some great stuff.


[-] AabidS10 | 1 points | Dec 29 2017 04:06:46

well, posting copyrighted material is against reddit rules. most probably, someone reported him to an admin.


[-] exhippy | 1 points | Dec 29 2017 05:27:16

We live in a pretty fucked up world don't we?


[-] tonyd9 | 2 points | Dec 26 2017 06:21:23

Kind of an annoying question but, do y'all know of anywhere we can find english subtitles for just the non-english parts of a movie/show?

For example the new episode of Vikings... I've tried searching and downloading a few different subs but all of them are something like this. Subtitles everywhere except the parts I need them haha.

I'm thinking they might not even exist for some shows/movies, but I figured I'd ask here before I gave up.


[-] KarpChung | 2 points | Dec 26 2017 10:40:44

You've pretty much hit home run. All that can be done is requesting an SRT file from someone who is willing to assist or otherwise fetch them from a DVD or Blu-ray release.


[-] tonyd9 | 2 points | Dec 27 2017 02:06:07

Damn haha...

Thanks for clearing that up


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Dec 28 2017 04:49:57

try subscene and look for ones with comments and see if the stuff in question is there?


[-] ruralcricket | 2 points | Dec 27 2017 21:57:39

Might belong over on the JD2 forum. There were a couple of item posted that will not download via JD2 (bandwidth exceeded), but MegaSync is happy to download them.

The two items are Natl lampoon (7.58Gb) & Love Actually (5.26gb) from one of the xmas postings. I've imported them and JD2 gets bandwidth limit from my links while MegaSync is happily downloading them.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 2 points | Dec 28 2017 04:51:56

for the most part jd2 won't even start a file if it is > 5GB. same for megadownloader (again for the most part, some are able most are not)

megasync is hte only reliable, free way of starting and completing files > 5GB

As an added bonus, you can pause/resume megasync to continue your downloads once your IP has changed (VPN or other means) or when your GB/x hours limit expires


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Dec 28 2017 13:28:29



[-] Lightzmare | 1 points | Dec 30 2017 12:44:34

Very odd that you're being throttled to MEGA's servers... Have you tried to use a VPN to see if the speeds are better? If yes, that could mean that your ISP is restricting you...


[-] Kill_Me_Now_World | 2 points | Dec 28 2017 17:46:01

What is everyones upload speeds like to zippy? It's taking some ~9 hours a movie for me...


[-] lurkbender | 1 points | Dec 29 2017 01:53:04

I sometimes use it with JDownloader and it usually utilises my full bandwidth. I usually get 6.50mb/s.


[-] iamapapernapkinAMA | 1 points | Dec 26 2017 15:24:02

Is it just me, or if you download something just over 5GB not signed in, and then sign in, you're able to finish it? This just happened for me


[-] Sylent0ption | 1 points | Dec 26 2017 15:51:15

Hi. I'm trying to sign up to multiple Mega accounts using the [email protected] method as mentioned in this thread & this thread & also this one.

For curiosity sake i'm trying it out without using megatools or megareg.py. I'm just trying to create the first one on the google site itself but it's telling me that i can't use a '+' sign in my username, only numbers and/or letters. Screenshot Is this a new thing they're doing or is there some kind of workaround i'm not aware of?

Also a question about the megatools and megareg.py scripts.

1) Do these tools automatically create a first and last name on mega.nz registry for you? Because i tried creating a mega account without adding a first/last name and it wouldn't let me. I have to add a name.

2) If using megareg.py to make multiple mega accounts at once using gmail, don't you first have to create all the gmail accounts for the verification to be emailed to? That seems like an awful lot of work, especially for those trying to creating hundreds of mega accounts at a time.

On a side note, I installed megatools onto Linux Mint and tried creating an account there, but it says i have to specify a name. This confuses me since no matter what name i try to add it doesn't go thru and continues telling me I have to add a name.

Example: megareg --register ERROR: You must specify name for your new mega.nz account

So I try a multitude of options down below, each giving me the same error.

megareg --register Dan ERROR: You must specify name for your new mega.nz account

megareg --register Dan Smith ERROR: You must specify name for your new mega.nz account

megareg --register [email protected] ERROR: You must specify name for your new mega.nz account

I have NO idea what i'm doing wrong, or what i'm supposed to be doing to get it right. Any help would be appreciated.


[-] Hable061 | 1 points | Dec 27 2017 21:40:58

I also made some accounts using said method, but it got boring pretty quick.

I suggest you try the account creator on https://megalinks.cartmanishere.xyz

You just need to type the username you want and the password, and it provides you with an account.


[-] Lightzmare | 1 points | Dec 30 2017 12:47:51

For curiosity sake i'm trying it out without using megatools or megareg.py. I'm just trying to create the first one on the google site itself but it's telling me that i can't use a '+' sign in my username, only numbers and/or letters. Screenshot Is this a new thing they're doing or is there some kind of workaround i'm not aware of?

Just do [email protected] for Gmail... That's your base email account, and then, anything you'll do with [email protected] where n is a suffix that could be a number or a letter, will get sent to your base email account.

i.e.: I have a [email protected] and I already have a MEGA account with that address, then I could register a new one with [email protected] and everything (registration email, etc...) will be forwarded to [email protected].


[-] Sylent0ption | 0 points | Dec 30 2017 13:35:39

yes thank you. I began looking more into and i'm starting to get the gist of it. I just wish i could make a base gmail account without having to add a phone number, which i don't have. Would you or anyone else know a way around this problem?

I read that if u create your gmail account to show that ur bday that ur 15 years old, it won't ask for a phone #, but google won't let me do that. Says it goes against policy or something.


[-] Lightzmare | 1 points | Dec 30 2017 19:59:05

Idk I never had to put my phone number.


[-] Darthryder | 1 points | Dec 26 2017 15:53:01

So I have a couple questions, long story short somebody important to me is having surgery and is going to be laid up for a while. She won't be able to do much and her favorite show hands down is doctor who and her next favorite is hogan's heroes. I didn't have an opportunity for a Christmas gift and she has been having trouble streaming the shows. I am looking for file dumps on both shows and I'm curious how big of a drive to get to hold it all. My idea was a flash drive or external hard drive with her favorite shows. Any help would be appreciated!

I'm hoping this is the right place :/


[-] Numinak | 3 points | Dec 26 2017 21:53:12

I think the new WHO was recently posted (A quick search will reveal it), though Hogan's hero's might have to go to the request thread for. A basic 128GB flash drive/SD card would probably be big enough for all of the WHO episodes, and you can find them for a good price with all the after Xmas sales going on.


[-] Darthryder | 2 points | Dec 26 2017 22:29:51

Thanks. I'll make a request!


[-] shampeh | 3 points | Dec 26 2017 23:07:57

Well if a laptop is out of the question, I use a 10.1in refurbished Acer tablet, plus a 256gb microsd card. Acer always has sales on Wednesday on their refurbished store. Great for media, not really powerful enough for a smooth hearth stone experience. Load up that SD card with shows and bam. Bluetooth headset maybe too. I hot my Acer b3-a20 for like $60 refurbed, and it's wonderful media tablet.


[-] Darthryder | 2 points | Dec 27 2017 00:27:52

She has a laptop but I want a small storage device for her favorite shows and some movies she likes. I don't want to fill her computer with it. I will check them out, thank you!


[-] AlexanderHorl | 0 points | Dec 28 2017 21:06:38

Can somebody explain how to enable subtitles in MPC? I've downloaded CCCP to watch x265 video files but subtitles arent showing up. I've already tried adding the DirectVobSub (Auto-loading version) filter but it did not help. Loading subtitle files isnt working either. They just dont show up whats pretty annoying since MCP is my only player that works with all codecs.


[-] uwotm8_888 | 1 points | Jan 01 2018 01:40:57

send me a pm


[-] [deleted] | 0 points | Dec 28 2017 23:29:38



[-] exhippy | 0 points | Dec 28 2017 23:58:53

Sometimes that happens.I very much doubt anything has changed as far as the download limit goes.


[-] sirlaughnmore | 0 points | Dec 29 2017 05:26:30

[Rookie Question] I'm having difficulty playing x265 movies on VLC. The audio keeps messing up. Are there certain settings or plug ins that I need? Are there other video players to use instead?

Thanks for taking the time for reading this.


[-] indigo6alpha | 2 points | Dec 29 2017 05:37:48

No. VLC should be able to play x265 videos out of the box. Is it for a particular video or have you tried playing other x265 videos as well?

K-Lite Codec Pack is a good alternative to VLC (if you're on windows).


[-] sirlaughnmore | 0 points | Dec 29 2017 06:23:50

I'll give K-Lite a try. I checked back to the post and it seems I wasn't the only one with the issue. According to the comments, standard VLC has a issues with AAC 7.1 Audio. Thanks for the help.


[-] exhippy | 1 points | Dec 29 2017 05:32:39

I try to keep away from x265.Storage is cheap & x264 plays well on pretty much anything.Potplayer is good.Give that a try.


[-] philosciency1618 | 0 points | Dec 29 2017 09:22:10

mega app on android is using more data than it should use...

if download file size is 500 mb it will use 700 mb...

any particular reason for this? and how to stop it?


[-] Lightzmare | 1 points | Dec 30 2017 12:48:19

How do you know?


[-] philosciency1618 | 0 points | Dec 30 2017 12:53:12

checked data used by app...


[-] Lightzmare | 2 points | Dec 30 2017 12:58:36

You know that there's overhead? I mean it literally just does not simply download your stuffs and that's it: It pulls various data that can be heavy depending on what you download, your account, etc...


[-] [deleted] | -1 points | Dec 25 2017 06:22:12



[-] AabidS10 | 5 points | Dec 25 2017 09:13:28

imposing rules on uploaders would literally be biting the hand that feeds you. if you want this, request the ondividual uploader. forcing them all to do this will be suicide.

also, your problem can be easily solved. just use the megasync app. it pauses your downlaod when you exceed your quota and you can resume it later


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 5 points | Dec 25 2017 16:14:35

Yeah that comment was kind of short sighted. Attempting to enforce rules on people who get no benefit for any of this is kind of dumb. You make it difficult for the uploaders and guess what, the uploaders will stop uploading.

If people can't or won't work within the system (megasync and wait the 5ish hours) or purchase an account or purchase a VPN, then they really shouldn't be complaining. Work with what you're given (or find a workaround) and be happy people are willing to upload anything at all.

2-3 GB isn't the limit. It's closer to 5 or so, typically. Asking for anything over 2-3GB to be split up is insane. Not to mention an incredible burden for the uploaders to not only split (and have double the storage space for anything) but also upload twice as much stuff. Would you rather someone uploads 4 GB of a split movie or a completely separate move. I'd take the new movie


[-] VinRaghav | -1 points | Dec 26 2017 00:54:37

How to bypass mega download limit for free?


[-] Eucbevt | 1 points | Dec 27 2017 09:11:36

Gmail address plus NordVPN 3 day free trial. If you have a Gmail, you own all dotted and undotted version of your email address and you can keep putting dots in different places in your address and NordVPN will recognize each one as a new address and give you a free trial for each one.


[-] VinRaghav | 1 points | Dec 27 2017 14:30:10

2 reasons why this method sucks:

  1. Free VPN = Shitty downloading speed

  2. If I'm downloading a bigger file from mega, then I'll have keep on checking time to time if the limit has exceeded from the given IP, and then keep on changing again and again until the downloading finishes. Unlike any other downloads where you start downloading and go to sleep or hang out, and when you come back downloading is finished. That's kinda thing I'm looking for.


[-] Eucbevt | 2 points | Dec 27 2017 21:52:27

NordVPN isn't a free VPN, it just has a free trial. And I've used it many times, It's incredibly fast.


[-] stormarsenal | 0 points | Dec 26 2017 04:30:08



[-] VinRaghav | 1 points | Dec 26 2017 08:45:38

Free VPN = slow speed


[-] stormarsenal | 1 points | Dec 26 2017 09:24:14

But it let's you the bypass the limit.


[-] KarpChung | 1 points | Dec 26 2017 15:02:53

There's also force-resetting your modem, but that depends on if the changed IP is also not counted or if it is static.


[-] AmazingAnagram | -1 points | Dec 26 2017 15:06:46

Is psarips.com down or dead? Havent been able to access the site, is it just me??


[-] AabidS10 | 2 points | Dec 27 2017 10:08:18

its up now. use sites like this next time: http://downoruprightnow.com/status/psarips.com


[-] doctorwho6904 | -1 points | Dec 27 2017 06:15:11

So lately it seems that everything i post or comment get's downvoted like crazy. I know there's already a comment talking about this below but what's wrong here? Why am i getting downvoted so much?


[-] KarpChung | 3 points | Dec 27 2017 14:30:08

If you know a comment talking about it is below, how do you not know the possible cause for these downvotes?


[-] doctorwho6904 | 0 points | Dec 28 2017 00:20:05

I do know the cause. I'm just asking for the reason why.


[-] KarpChung | 1 points | Dec 28 2017 02:30:16

Indeterminable. It could be for some complex, simple, benign, destructive, reasonable or unjustified purpose. All that can be done is either waiting for it to stop, ignore it, or let the Reddit admins do something about it if such is possible.


[-] FriskeyLionsMane | -1 points | Dec 30 2017 03:07:22

Does anyone know when we'll be getting a good version of Thor?


[-] AabidS10 | 0 points | Dec 30 2017 03:59:28

Feb 18


[-] weballinHard | -1 points | Dec 30 2017 16:42:33

i'm extremely confused . it seems like my bandwidth limit has been somehow bypassed .

I realised this yesterday and have been downloading all the things i wanted to ever since . Why is this happening is this a new year thing ?


[-] therobinhood7 | -1 points | Dec 31 2017 15:58:50

Does anybody want latest Bollywood movies in here ?