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SourceDetective | 42 points | Dec 24 2017 03:45:48

[ANIME] Dragon Ball Super - 121 [1080p][English, Spanish, Portuguese Subs][541MB] | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] Dragon Ball Super - 121 [1080p][English, Spanish, Portuguese Subs][541MB]

Link /#!8jpmUb6L

KEY | Megalinks MegaDB KEY (Remove <em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGA) !lzZ3Hz0LUSIGCloMivnH<em>MEGA</em> | Megalinks MegaDB MEGAFkh07HURNhGzy8BTxVtDhPg

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[-] simplefilmreviews | 2 points | Dec 24 2017 04:06:47

Thank you! Isn't the show getting close to ending?! (I've been watching all the recent highlights on Youtube. But haven't followed the story too closely).


[-] TheEvenDarkerKnight | 5 points | Dec 24 2017 04:13:21

The arc is close-ish but not the show


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Dec 24 2017 17:29:58

Wow there is another arc after this one?! This seems like the grand daddy of them all! Interesting!


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 4 points | Dec 24 2017 04:17:44

this season/arc is coming to and end soon-ish. There's something like "10 minutes" left in the tournament of power. Some eps manager to lapse 5 minutes, others seemed to lapse 10, but the big ultra instanct Goku/Jiren show down round 2 is coming so time will probably slow down a bit again, similar to Goku/Hit from the universe 6/7 tournament


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Dec 24 2017 17:30:34

Have Goku and Vegeta fused into Vegito in the tournament yet? (If so, did Vegito go Ultra Instinct, I assume that would be the most powerful fighter if they did that)


[-] tonystankisajerk | 1 points | Dec 24 2017 21:43:17

No and Vegeta still hasn't gotten UI yet. It's predicted, but not confirmed, that he might become UI in the next episode (Jan 6)


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Dec 24 2017 22:13:48

not not yet to any of the above. As someone else mentioned the arc will end around april which means 2-3 filler plus 2-3 wrap up eps so that means tourny of power will end marchish I guess?

Previews of the next ep have Vegeta getting some attacks in on Jiren though, so anything could happen.

I'm a little torn. Goku doesn't really need UI to beat the rabbit guy or Toppo, so there's no one left for him to "push his limits" against to get a handle of offensive abilities of UI other than Jiren. So he's going to learn on the fly but not get stomped on?

And I'm probably not the only one to assume that the end of it will be either him winning and wishing back all the squished unis or Jiren winning but out of sense of honor/duty/new found respect for Goku will wish the universes back.

I'm guessing 17 and Gohan go next probably taking the rabbit with one/both of them. Vegeta goes UI against one of the pride troopers (maybe Toppo since they have unfinished banter) and no clue how Goku figures out how to attack during UI

Also Frieza is a huge question mark. He's practically done nothing so he's still plotting something.


[-] simplefilmreviews | 1 points | Dec 24 2017 22:37:11

Yeah Frieza is certainly up to something. What if Frieza and Goku fused lol!

I think it's more likely Jiren wins like you said and he wishes them all back out of respect.

Damn, I wish Vegito would be a huge badass part (but maybe they don't have the earrings)


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Dec 24 2017 22:44:31

Zenoh allowed the use of earings after Kale/Caulifa merged with uni 6's potaras. Then other universes were able to toss the earrings into the battle field without issue. So they technically do have the earrings, not sure if they'll go that route when they just did it for Goku Black arc. Plus at their power levels with UI on top, the fusion time will be short (it was short in Goku Black iirc).

With how sinister Frieza has been so far along with the little bits of his plotting, I wouldn't be surprised to see him coming back alive and doing something really bad to kick off the next arc. Seems like he thinks he can manipulate Zenoh so maybe it's got something to do with that. Then again, all the angels/priests and high priest could/would stomp him if he got out of line so who knows.


[-] hxdoom | 1 points | Dec 24 2017 07:17:47

The arc will end around april.


[-] tonystankisajerk | 1 points | Dec 24 2017 21:41:38

Really? I heard it was going to end around March


[-] hxdoom | 1 points | Dec 24 2017 21:43:09

Wouldn't be surprised to be honest, I thought April but march seems more rational


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 1 points | Dec 24 2017 22:16:01

Could probably be either. Remember filler plus wrap up eps are usually at the tail end of the arcs, so the actual tourny could very well end in March. Then again there's only 9 minutes left and 5/3 fighters left on 7/11 so would they really manager to stretch that few fights out by that many weeks when they havent really done so yet in DBS?


[-] Jlx_27 | 1 points | Dec 26 2017 03:10:44

There's an article online that speak about a leak on the Japanese Amazon showing Box Sets episode information. The images show numbers all the way up to 133. Meaning DBS will have a total 133 Eps. (according to the article)


[-] ChilBlaines | 2 points | Dec 24 2017 16:07:55

Thank you for working your magic over the holidays


[-] yoffle | 2 points | Dec 24 2017 23:12:27

Thanks bro. Have a good Xmas!