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Luigi_Gamer | 23 points | Dec 22 2017 19:33:24

[ANIME] [2K] Nekopara - OVA (ScreenCapture 1080P) (1.41 GB) | Megalinks MegaDB [ANIME] [2K] Nekopara - OVA (ScreenCapture 1080P) (1.41 GB)

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[-] thegreatestminer | 3 points | Dec 23 2017 01:52:33

Just as a quick note, this is a "Shitty screencapture using OBS" so don't complain.

There's also reports (1, 2) of the audio sounding as if it's mono, so also take that into note also.

I have not downloaded this myself so I cannot give you my personal review of the quality of this release.


[-] mwalimu59 | 2 points | Dec 23 2017 19:20:45

The audio level was pretty low; I had to crank the volume way up to hear it properly. No complaints about the video quality.