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VoxPopuliCry | 39 points | Dec 20 2017 10:23:28

[EBOOK/Pack] John Grisham Collection|23 Ebooks|EPUB & MOBI|~40 MB|Kindle Transfer & Goodreads Integration | Megalinks MegaDB [EBOOK/Pack] John Grisham Collection|23 Ebooks|EPUB & MOBI|~40 MB|Kindle Transfer & Goodreads Integration


Here is a collection of ebooks by John Grisham.

S No | Name | Format ---|---|---- 1 | Appeal, The | Epub/Mobi 2 | Associate, The | Epub/Mobi 3 | Bleachers | Epub/Mobi 4 | Brethren, The | Epub/Mobi 5 | Broker, The | Epub/Mobi 6 | Chamber, The | Epub/Mobi 7 | Client, The | Epub/Mobi 8 | Confession, The | Epub/Mobi 9 | Firm, The | Epub/Mobi 10 | Ford County | Epub/Mobi 11 | King of Torts, The | Epub/Mobi 12 | Last Juror, The | Epub/Mobi 13 | Painted House, A | Epub/Mobi 14 | Partner, The | Epub/Mobi 15 | Pelican Brief, The | Epub/Mobi 16 | Playing for Pizza | Epub/Mobi 17 | Rainmaker, The | Epub/Mobi 18 | Runaway Jury, The | Epub/Mobi 19 | Skipping Christmas | Epub/Mobi 20 | Street Lawyer, The | Epub/Mobi 21 | Summons, The | Epub/Mobi 22 | Testament, The | Epub/Mobi 23 | Time to Kill, A | Epub/Mobi

Instructions: | Megalinks MegaDB Instructions: Just click on the download link, enter the captcha and download.

Download: | Megalinks MegaDB Download:

Mega | Zippy ---|--- Here | Here

How to read:

On Phone: | Megalinks MegaDB On Phone: Use an epub reader from your App Store/Google Play Store or use the Amazon Kindle App itself.

On Kindle: | Megalinks MegaDB On Kindle:

(Tested on my Kindle Paperwhite 3)

You can follow these steps to ensure that the ebook links to Goodreads (to mark it as read and to the Goodreads Library. If you only wish to transfer, just follow steps 1,2,3,8,&9.

  1. Download and install Calibre from here. After that, open and click on preferences>Get Plug-Ins to Enhance Calibre>search for "Quality Check" | Megalinks MegaDB "Quality Check" & Amazon.com Multiple Countries | Megalinks MegaDB Amazon.com Multiple Countries. Install both.

  2. Add your downloaded ebooks to your library by clicking on Add Books on the top left.

  3. Select your book(s), click on Convert Books and select the output format as AZW3 | Megalinks MegaDB AZW3.

  4. Goto your country's Amazon Website or that country's website where your kindle is linked to. Search for your book, and click on Kindle Edition | Megalinks MegaDB Kindle Edition.

  5. Scroll down to product details, and copy the "ASIN:XXXXXXXXXXX" (including the "ASIN:" part). | Megalinks MegaDB "ASIN:XXXXXXXXXXX" (including the "ASIN:" part). Goto Calibre, right click on your book>Edit Metadata and paste the copied ASIN to the ID Field. Ensure that there is no other info in the ID Field except the ASIN you pasted. Press "OK" to exit out of the popup.

  6. Right-click on the book>Edit Metadata>Download Metadata & Covers>Configure Download and select the "Amazon Multiple Countries" from the list on the left, press Apply, select Metadata or Covers or both (as your preference) and let it run. Then click on the bottom right popup and select ok/update.

  7. After Step 6 is done, you can check again by right click on your book>Edit Metadata and check that the ID field has nothing other than the "ASIN:XXXXXXXXXXX" as pasted above. Now the book is ready to be transferred to the Kindle, linked to Goodreads.

  8. Connect your Kindle via USB, and let Calibre recognise it. Select all books you wish to transfer and select Send to Device.

  9. On your Kindle, after that transfer is done and device disconnected, ensure wifi is connected and open the book, select mark as currently reading | Megalinks MegaDB mark as currently reading. You can check on Goodreads via a browser that it has been updated.


If you have ebook requests, do let me know, I will try my best to find and upload them for you.



[-] flammpanzer | 1 points | Dec 20 2017 15:29:13

Thanks for taking the time to upload and walk people through the setup process,very nice of you.


[-] VoxPopuliCry | 2 points | Dec 20 2017 17:15:07

I am glad you liked it!


[-] JayNow | 1 points | Dec 21 2017 00:13:02

Thank you


[-] VoxPopuliCry | 2 points | Dec 21 2017 03:51:03

You're welcome mate!


[-] Qrusher14242 | 1 points | Jan 01 2018 00:45:33

Thanks! Although, i can't get Goodreads to update. Just says "Error updating Goodreads Profile".

All i have in the ID field is the ASIN number. But it still won't update. Never had any luck doing that with ebooks i downloaded


[-] VoxPopuliCry | 1 points | Jan 01 2018 06:35:40

Okay, I'm here to help you. Do these and tell me if they work:

  1. First try to mark as read any book that you have legally | Megalinks MegaDB legally purchased for your kindle. This is to check whether the kindle is properly linked to GR and/or if your GR account is not set up properly. Also, try browsing GR via the Kindle built in section just to check linking.

  2. Even if it says 'error' just log onto the web version of your GR profile and see if it was marked as reading. Sometimes, the kindle gives an error but it still gets marked.

  3. Send me a screenshot of the info page of a book. See the chain below to get there:

Goto Calibre, right click on your book>Edit Metadata


And a happy new year!


[-] Qrusher14242 | 1 points | Jan 01 2018 10:04:37

Thanks. I got it figured out. It seems like it didn't convert from mobi to AWZ3 for some reason and after i converted it again and then changed the metadata, it worked. Now i just gotta do that for my other books too lol


[-] VoxPopuliCry | 1 points | Jan 01 2018 11:06:26

Ah, Calibre did not convert even after you clicked? Weird?

Good that it worked out for you, just check and be sure if you're on the latest version of the software.



[-] Qrusher14242 | 1 points | Jan 02 2018 02:29:10

Well, it seemed to convert and it put it on the kindle, but i also had the mobi still on it. So was looking at the wrong one on the kindle.


[-] VoxPopuliCry | 2 points | Jan 02 2018 03:52:53

Ah. Delete the mobi, read the AWZ3