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[ Movie] Private Lessons 1981 DVDrip x264 455 MB | Megalinks MegaDB [ Movie] Private Lessons 1981 DVDrip x264 455 MB

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he surprise smash 80's comedy that enticed a generation and inspired a legion of imitators! Philly (Eric Brown) is an affluent Albuquerque teenager whose hormones have been trumping his common sense, as he and his best friend Sherman prowl for girls but only find embarrassment. When his father takes a long business trip, and hires comely and exotic Nicole Mallow (Sylvia Kristel) as the new housekeeper, he finds himself unable to contain his attraction to the alluring woman, and is shocked to discover she's quite willing to indulge his wildest fantasies! But all the while, the family's slithery chauffeur Lester (Howard Hesseman) is watching everything, with a plan to take advantage of Eric's budding passions.