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grell851 | 20 points | Dec 15 2017 11:58:38

[ Movie] Deathstalker #1 1983 DVDrip x264 564 MB | Megalinks MegaDB [ Movie] Deathstalker #1 1983 DVDrip x264 564 MB

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Deathstalker (Richard Hill) is the mighty warrior chosen to battle the evil forces of a medieval kingdom, who sets off on a journey to the most challenging tournament in the land. To the winner will go the throne of the evil wizard, the ultimate mystical power and the love of the beautiful Princess Codille (Barbi Benton). But first, Deathstalker must prove himself worthy of his legacy and treachery lurks at every turn.


[-] TradeSekrat | 1 points | Dec 15 2017 18:29:16

Ah Deathstalker.. The title, the movie cover art, Barbi Benton listed in the cast. Everything about this film as a little kid in a video rental store was "Ohhhhhh!!! I'm getting this one!". I think the video store I rented it from was all of 10x20 in size. It's fun to see these sort of cheesy films on a modern tv.


[-] grell851 | 1 points | Dec 15 2017 21:09:33

i'm a old fart and i still say OHHHHHH i want to watch this, everyone else is still trying to figure out who the heck is Barbi Benton, hint Playboy