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nker150 | 6 points | Dec 11 2017 16:17:39

[E-BOOK] FIRE BIBLE: Global Study Edition NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION [PDF] [234.5 MB] | Megalinks MegaDB [E-BOOK] FIRE BIBLE: Global Study Edition NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION [PDF] [234.5 MB]

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[-] koine_lingua | 5 points | Dec 11 2017 18:03:20

thank you jesus


[-] mteg | 3 points | Dec 12 2017 00:47:41

Is this translation favored by/linked to a particular religion/cult?

I tried to find some info but found none.

In this edition, are homosexuals -- or worse, wearers of mixed fabric clothing -- still destined to the lake of fire, or has that particular aspect of God's love been smoothed out?

I'm not asking for myself -- my boxers have Lycra in them and I incur God's wrath everyday by not condoning the killing of innocent sentient beings -- but having a few Christian friends I'd be delighted to know which Bible I can safely recommend them.


[-] nker150 | 1 points | Dec 12 2017 01:43:14

Not that I know of, no.


[-] mteg | 2 points | Dec 12 2017 02:40:27

So I can keep my knickers and please God? That would have a greater impact than the reform!


[-] Himechi | 2 points | Dec 12 2017 03:06:29

God may not be interested in your knickers, but there are a few priests who would appreciate a few pictures of you wearing them. Or not wearing them. For prayer purposes. God stuff. You understand.


[-] mteg | 2 points | Dec 12 2017 03:08:40

I'm past 12 yo, so I doubt they'd be interested.


[-] Himechi | 2 points | Dec 12 2017 03:49:54

You have been excommunicated from r/canthavemasswithoutass.


[-] mteg | 2 points | Dec 12 2017 03:06:43

Finally found some info that links this edition with the Pentecostal cult, so Parental Advisory recommended, along with a PG-16 and some notes on hate speech.

(To be clear I'm not criticizing the sharing of this book any more than I would criticize the sharing of other hate books like Mein Kampf, free speech and all. Would be nice to introduce them with a few warnings though, many parents let kids access them without any preparation).

Also, their website gives free access to the first chapter of Genesis, with notes that misrepresent science and contain the usual creationist muddling of Evolution with the Big Bang theory (completely unrelated) and a misunderstanding of thermodynamics which a few minutes of physics 101 would have clarified if the author wasn't so intent on reaching the conclusion he/she wanted.

"(2) The teaching of evolution is not truly scientific. According to the scientific method, all conclusions must be based on indisputable (i.e., unquestionable) evidence. That is evidence that cannot be denied by personal ideas or argument. The evidence must come from experiments that can be duplicated, or repeated over and over, with the same end results. However, no experiments could test and prove assumptions like the “big bang” theory about how the present universe started. Nor can it be proven that living beings developed gradually from the simplest to the most complex forms. (This last point defies the second law of thermodynamics that describes how physical matter tends toward disorder—not higher order—as it changes.) Evolution is a hypothesis without scientific “evidence.” Any hypothesis is a well-stated idea that can lead to more study in the search for proven, testable fact. But in science, a hypothesis is not evidence for offering something as fact. Accepting evolution requires faith in a human theory. In contrast, God’s people put their faith in God’s inspired and time-tested Word. God’s Word reveals that he is the One who made all things out of nothing (Heb 11:3).

(3) Change and development will occur within various species (i.e., a related group distinct from other groups of living things). For example, some species are becoming extinct. In fact, some species no longer exist at all. On the other hand, we occasionally see new developments or mutations within species. But there is no evidence, not even in earth history or fossil records, which supports the theory that one kind of living thing ever evolved from another kind. Existing evidence supports the Bible, which says that God created each living creature “according to its kind” (Ge 1:21, 24-25).

(4) Bible-believing Christians must also reject the theory called theistic evolution. This belief accepts most of the conclusions of naturalistic evolution, which is a belief in the development of the species from the first living cell to the present diversity of plant and animal species without intervention from God. Theistic evolution only adds that God actually started the evolutionary process. The problem for the Christian is that this theory contradicts the Biblical revelation of God’s active role in all aspects of creation, not just that he started the process. For example, God is the subject of every action verb in Ge 1, except Ge 1:12 (which fulfills God’s command from v. 11), and the repeated phrase “there was evening, and there was morning.” Therefore, the Bible teaches that God is not an uninvolved or passive supervisor of an evolutionary process. He is the active Creator of all things (cf. Col 1:16)."


[-] nker150 | 2 points | Dec 12 2017 03:36:43

Wow you must really hate God.


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Dec 12 2017 04:15:47



[-] nker150 | 0 points | Dec 12 2017 15:08:19

A shame you seem to think I'm a radical Islamic terrorist. To each their own. Been nice chatting!


[-] mteg | 2 points | Dec 12 2017 22:55:46

Never said that, everything I said is in the Bible!


[-] redhousecat | 1 points | Dec 14 2017 08:16:47

Curious as to why you say that?


[-] evilbunny_50 | 1 points | Dec 11 2017 21:55:41

Not sure if actual religious bible?


[-] omni461 | 1 points | Dec 11 2017 23:00:59

Is this the bible that's floating around with annotations on all of the contradictions?


[-] rongkongcoma | 3 points | Dec 11 2017 23:11:08

I think you're talking about the "Skeptic's Annotated Bible"


[-] omni461 | 1 points | Dec 12 2017 17:02:25

Yes that is the one. Thank you.


[-] nker150 | 1 points | Dec 11 2017 23:11:38

I have no idea what you're talking about.