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[EBOOK/PACK] Ruskin Bond (Famous Indian Author) Collection: 39 Ebooks Including Poems/Novels/Short Stories |125 MB| EPUB/MOBI/AWZ3 (Kindle Transfer & Goodreads Integration) | Megalinks MegaDB [EBOOK/PACK] Ruskin Bond (Famous Indian Author) Collection: 39 Ebooks Including Poems/Novels/Short Stories |125 MB| EPUB/MOBI/AWZ3 (Kindle Transfer & Goodreads Integration)


Here is a collection of books/poems/novels/short stories by the Indian Author Ruskin Bond.

Ruskin Bond (born 19 May 1934) is an Indian author of British descent. He lives with his adopted family in Landour, in Mussoorie, India. The Indian Council for Child Education has recognised his role in the growth of children's literature in India. He got the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1992 for Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra, for his published work in English. He was awarded the Padma Shri in 1999 and Padma Bhushan in 2014.[1]

Book List: | Megalinks MegaDB Book List:

S No | Megalinks MegaDB S No | Title | Megalinks MegaDB Title | :--- | :--- | 1 | A Season of Ghosts | 2 | A Town Called Dehra | 3 | Book of Humour | 4 | Children's Omnibus | 5 | Classic Ruskin Bond | 6 | Dust on the Mountain Collected Stories by Ruskin Bond | 7 | Falling in Love Again | 8 | Friends In Small Places | 9 | Getting Granny's Glasses | 10 | Great Stories for Children | 11 | Hip-Hop Nature Boy and Other Poems | 12 | Love Among the Bookshelves | 13 | Maharani | 14 | Our Trees Still Grow In Dehra | 15 | Panther's Moon and Other Stories | 16 | Rain In the Mountains | 17 | Ruskin Bond's Book of Verse - Ruskin Bond | 18 | Rusty Goes to London | 19 | Snake Trouble - Ruskin Bond | 20 | Stories Short and Sweet by Ruskin Bond | 21 | Susanna's Seven Husbands | 22 | Tales of the Open Road | 23 | The Best of Ruskin Bond | 24 | The Blue Umbrella | 25 | The Book of Nature | 26 | The Cherry Tree | 27 | The Hidden Pool | 28 | The India I Love | 29 | The Kitemaker_ Stories - Ruskin Bond | 30 | The Lamp Is Lit | 31 | The Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories | 32 | The Penguin Book of Indian Ghost Stories | 33 | The Penguin Book of Indian Railway Stories | 34 | The Rupa Book of Laughter Omnibus & Funny Side Up (2 in 1) | 35 | The Rupa Book of Love Stories | 36 | The Ruskin Bond Mini Bus | 37 | The Writer on the Hill_ The Very Best of Ruskin Bond | 38 | Time Stops At Shamli & Other Stories | 39 | When Darkness Falls and Other Stories |

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  2. Add your downloaded ebooks to your library by clicking on Add Books on the top left.

  3. Select your book(s), click on Convert Books and select the output format as AZW3 | Megalinks MegaDB AZW3.

  4. Goto your country's Amazon Website or that country's website where your kindle is linked to. Search for your book, and click on Kindle Edition | Megalinks MegaDB Kindle Edition.

  5. Scroll down to product details, and copy the "ASIN:XXXXXXXXXXX" (including the "ASIN:" part). | Megalinks MegaDB "ASIN:XXXXXXXXXXX" (including the "ASIN:" part). Goto Calibre, right click on your book>Edit Metadata and paste the copied ASIN to the ID Field. Ensure that there is no other info in the ID Field except the ASIN you pasted. Press "OK" to exit out of the popup.

  6. Right-click on the book>Edit Metadata>Download Metadata & Covers>Configure Download and select the "Amazon Multiple Countries" from the list on the left, press Apply, select Metadata or Covers or both (as your preference) and let it run. Then click on the bottom right popup and select ok/update.

  7. After Step 6 is done, you can check again by right click on your book>Edit Metadata and check that the ID field has nothing other than the "ASIN:XXXXXXXXXXX" as pasted above. Now the book is ready to be transferred to the Kindle, linked to Goodreads.

  8. Connect your Kindle via USB, and let Calibre recognise it. Select all books you wish to transfer and select Send to Device.

  9. On your Kindle, after that transfer is done and device disconnected, ensure wifi is connected and open the book, select mark as currently reading | Megalinks MegaDB mark as currently reading. You can check on Goodreads via a browser that it has been updated.


If you have ebook requests, do let me know, I will try my best to find and upload them for you.



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